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  1. D

    Meal prep bags vs cooler bags

    I apologise if this is posted in the wrong area, please feel free to move if it is. I am getting in to my meal prep and ensure that i am prepping properly. I have been looking at meal prep containers and planning to get a few. I also wanted to enquire if meal prep bags are worth the cost? I...
  2. D

    Good quality deadlift socks?

    Looking some good quality deadlift socks, any recommendations? :)
  3. Headley

    Building flyscreens on windows

    Hey guys, Moving upstairs at the gym into a big queenslander house. Has lots of windows with no flyscreens but there are a lot of bloody mossies and midgees flying around so need to get some screens made. Gonna grab some of the following...
  4. steveP

    Supplement flash sales/bargains

    I've kind of been randomly posting in other supplement threads when I find a sale as there's no proper thread. So this is it. This will be for any flash sales, bargains, eBay deals, limited stock, short shelf life or just clearance sups you see in person. Post a link, describe what the sale...
  5. Puggy

    Straps/Wrist Supports - what do you use?

    Hey all, Something I've never really used before are lifting straps or wrist supports. Is there a combination of both? I've seen Jay Cutler using them on his snapchat, and they seem pretty decent. More the point practical when it comes to safe guarding my wrists and dainty white palms. I'm not...
  6. Neddysmith

    Bluetooth earphones and transmitter recommendations

    Hey Guys, Seems i have broken another set of earphones at gym, just a cheap set of skullcandy, but would seem i go through earphones about every 6 - 12mths. So i am toying with the idea of going bluetooth and leaving the ipod in the gym bag, the only issue is my ipod doesnt have bluetooth...
  7. O

    Isobag meal system

    Does anyone use one of these or similar? My partner works 12 hour shifts and is away 14 hours at a time including travel. Thinking of getting one for him as currently I pack his food into a number of loose containers and he is piled high with containers and protein bars and bottles as he walks...
  8. D

    What keeps you motivated?

    I know that most of us are fired up to go train.* All our friends are at the gym, all of the hardbodied girls are there.* We are fired up MOST of the time.* But as we all know, life happens.* Things come up.* But we can't take any days off.* My question is this.* What motivates you on those days...
  9. Headley

    What to buy...

    Hey guys, I need some advice on what supplement to buy/take for the AusBB 2015 competition. I really want to cut down on the BF% and have a decent cardio and weight program lined up. I have about 5 KGs worth of your WPC sitting in a bag but i want to know what else will help me in this comp

    New products / Coming Soon / Weekly Deal on PRE and POST

    Hi Ausbb'ers. Since the last post on here we've been working away to deliver some new products and new sizes for existing products. What's New New 1kg Amino Acid Bag Sizes (Heavily Discounted) - Creapure Creatine, BCAA's, Glutamine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate. Plant based protein...
  11. I

    Genuine Tarpaulin Gym Bag

    Hey guys, been out of stock of bags for 3-4 months now. We've got a few new styles in the works, this latest has taken longer than expected but worthwhile, very happy with it! We've got a limited run of our new tarpaulin bags in 3 varieties. (see below) These are the real deal - 4...
  12. The Hamburgler

    What's In Your Gym Bag

    Pretty simple really . . . Permanents - chuck taylors - belt - 2 pairs of wrist wraps - knee wraps - one of 2 towels - heat cream - lacross ball - mobility/warm up bands - deadlift socks Temp/Rotated - briefs - suit - shirt - slingshot/s think that's about it . . .
  13. A

    Gucci customer wants refund for 'fragile' $800 bag Read more: http://www.heraldsun.c

    I had to laugh at this , "Given the extraordinary cost of the item, which for all intents and purposes is nothing more than a small canvas bag, there is an expectation that it will maintain its appearance and finish . . . and be more durable than similar, cheaper bags," he claims. so he...
  14. Big Mick

    Dessicated Liver Tablets

    Are these still legal in Australia, or are they like steroids?? Found some on the net, while I was on the Gold Coast, contacted the guy, and he refused to give me his address, but wanted to meet at the back of a Hungry Jack in the south of Brisbane. I went there at the designated time, this...
  15. T

    Bad Bag - Where to get one in Melbourne?

    Hi Folks, So I've been looking around for a Bad Bag, and this is the only seller I can find in Australia, it's in nsw and he wants 50$ shipping. There's a picture here if you want to know what it is. Bad Bag The idea is it's a covered block of high density foam, you can use it as a weights...
  16. Shrek

    Shawn Rhoden

    I think Shawn will finish second at this years Olympia. Unfortuntely with Phil still young he may never win the Olympia like Flex Wheeler or Levrone who couldn't budge Yates then Coleman.
  17. T

    6 Pack Bag

    Just ordered one of these 6 Pack Fitness | Six Pack Bags | Meal Management System Anyone else have one? What do you fill the 5 meal containers with? I'm looking for some clean recipes i can cook in bulk on a sunday night ready for the week.
  18. B

    April promo - free 1kg bag of our NEW Choc Mint!

    The whole 1 kilo bag is yours with an order of $250 or more for the month of April. A $250 order not quite necessary this month? No problem, we will still throw in a sample of our all new choc mint WPI in all orders under. We just really want you to try our new version of this compared to...

    The whats in your gym bag thread

    Possibly repost topic, but meh, realised today i have alot of fucking shit in my gym bag. Thread title says it all, WHATS IN YOUR GYM BAG BRO... - TK knee sleeves - Wrist straps - Chalk (shiny fitness gym, need to BYO, enjoy making a mess) - Ab wheel (commercial gym is too comercial to even...
  20. BigJim

    Cytosport Muscle Milk 10lb bag

    So... You can get Muscle Milk in a 10lb bag now which is pretty good. Cheapest i have been able to find it for is $169.95 including shipping from MUSCLE MILK 10LB BY CYTOSPORT - PROTEIN POWDER BLENDS - BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS - BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS | DISCOUNT PROTEIN POWDERS | SPORTS...