I got a coupla kilos of WPI from Fuel Protein, this site newest sponsor. I have Milk Chocolate, Banana, and Choc Banana. I decided to give Choc Banana a whirl first.

Fuel protein's point of difference is to use 100% natural sweeteners, 100% natural colours and 100% natural flavourings. Only 3 or 4 ingredients per WPI product. Without strong artificial flavouring I had an inkling that the taste might be a little on the weak side and I was not wrong. For the most part I could taste cocoa with a hint of banana scent wafting through my nostril as I took my first test. This was one scoop with 200ml of ice cold milk. I then supercharged my shake by adding a second scoop, but the cocoa becomes a little overpowering at this point and the taste turns slightly bitter. To counteract this I added 2 teaspoons of stevia which seem to turn it into something a bit more palatable.

Shake, shake, shake it hard baby! I tossed it like a shake-a-weight a good 20-30 times before all the lumpy bits were gone.

I felt pretty full once I downed my shake and my piss started to come out all frothy not long after that so it must be flowing through my system and turning me into an anabolic machine yolo!!!11

3kg of WPI for $99 minus 15% discount ain't bad..

Alrighty, so the final verdict is that while it is not the best tasting protein I have ever tasted in my life, Fuel Protein represents a good option if you are someone who prefers to go au naturale, even with your supplements!