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What is the fastest way to lose weight riding a bike?


New member
Riding an electric bike can help you burn 400 calories per hour. Unlike thigh highs and bow bends, bikes are proven to help riders lose weight. So obviously, riding an e-bike is a great way to lose excess fat.

Why riding an electric bike can help you lose weight? Here are five tips to help you lose weight on an electric bike.

1. Electric bikes help burn calories

Do you know? Cycling can burn up to 500 calories per hour!

A 48v electric bike, the best of both worlds, because it still encourages you to pedal like a regular bike, so you're still burning calories and fat. When you need a break, the motor kicks in and helps you.

The comfort of riding an e-bike leads many to think that it doesn't burn calories, but it doesn't.

Research has shown that riding an electric fat bike 1000w assist mode can help riders burn 444 calories per hour compared to 552 calories per hour on a conventional bike. There's only a 20% difference, so riding an e-bike will burn calories.

2. E-bikes go up hills and headwinds with ease

Many people's reluctance to ride a bike may be out of fear of hitting a hill or going against the wind.

Indeed it is, there are very few places on earth where a bike does not encounter hills.

It can be intimidating to run into a headwind while riding a conventional bike out to burn fat.

Opting for 1000w mountain bike will allow you to go up hills and headwinds with ease. Just turn on pedal assist mode or twist the throttle and you can fly with ease.

3. Interesting electric bike weight loss riding experience

Many friends have the intention of exercising, but many exercise options are boring, so the exercise has not started.

Choose an e-bike that is not only a great workout, but fun to ride without getting bored.

You can cruise down the streets or trails and watch everyone on the way, it's so much fun.

When you're not afraid of hills and headwinds, there's no reason not to ride a bike

4. Electric bikes let you exercise without hurting

There are a lot of high-intensity sports like running, jumping rope, etc. that can do a lot of damage to your joints.

But cycling doesn't do any harm to your body and is a low-impact sport.

With the help of a motor on an e-bike, the impact is even smaller!

So, you won't feel pain after e-bike like other sports.

5. Bring snacks

If you're riding long distances, off-road, be sure to bring snacks. During the ride, you need to replenish energy, so it is necessary to bring some snacks to prevent low blood sugar when riding.

However, not all snacks are suitable for riding. You can opt for harder fruits like apples, bananas, and grapes, each containing an average of 80-100 calories, providing some moisture, vitamins, and filling.


New member
Riding an electric bike helped the rider to burn 444 calories per hour. They are fast and flexible, they are innovative, and E-bikes are environmentally friendly. They can also improve their level of fitness.