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The Humble Purple Fruit Has 5 Major Effects


New member
Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients and can be called "the king of fruits in the world". It not only has good nutritional and health effects, but also has the functions of preventing brain nerve aging, softening blood vessels, and enhancing human body immunity.


5 major functions and functions of blueberries​

1. Protect eyes​

With the increase of age, the retinoid in the eyes is decomposed, and the VMA (anthocyanin pigment) in the blueberry fruit can protect the microvessels of the eyes, improve blood circulation, promote resynthesis of retinoid, improve vision, broaden the field of vision, and reduce eye fatigue , enhance night vision, prevent cataracts, and long-term use can maintain vision for a long time.

2. Neutralize free radicals, resist oxidation, and enhance human immunity.​

Free radicals can directly cause more than 100 diseases, including various cancers, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc. Blueberries have the most abundant anthocyanin content. The special molecular structure of anthocyanin can stabilize free radicals without forming dangerous substances that can cause chain reactions. It can also form an antioxidant protective film with collagen to protect cells And tissues are not oxidized by free radicals, help VC and VE to absorb and utilize, and enhance the antioxidant effect.

3. Delay the aging of brain nerves, enhance memory, and prevent senile dementia.​

Blueberry compounds can promote the growth of brain cells in the memory reflection area, improve short-term memory, and improve cognitive ability.

4. Lower cholesterol, protect blood vessels, and enhance heart function.​

There are compounds in blueberries that can resist fungal infections, which can lower human cholesterol, prevent obesity, enhance blood vessel resistance, and maintain blood vessel permeability.

5. Prevent cancer​

Anthocyanins in blueberries can curb tumor cell growth.

Although blueberry has so many effects, it also has taboos

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