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pregnant ex of 6 weeks dumped me

Well a bit if an update, she rang me up out of the blue. And apparently I didn't fight to get her back. She was wondering why I didn't go around to her mums place to see her. I reminded her off the threat she made to call the police if I contacted her again. Last thing I want is a dvo our against me, not with my job.

At least she is kind if talking to me now. She actualy admitted she is having problems and is now going to get some help

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
Well looks like she just likes the attention.

I mean it almost sounds like she wanted you to keep contacting her just so she can call the police and get ADVO against you to make her feel important.

I think by being smart about it and not giving her the attention and drama in her life that she seeks she has come crawling back.....good news and goes to show you played it smart.

I know women like this, they seek the attention and drama, my missus has a friend like that and she takes out AVO's against every boy friend she ever had, even though she is nuts. My missus has told me that she is the one that assaults them (physically punches them and throws stuff at them during arguments) then calls the police and tells them she has been assaulted or her BF is threatening her and is being aggressive and they end up in trouble with the cops. She then feels better as she has fucked their life, all because they did not want to be with her. One guy I know of lost is job as a security guard and had his security license canceled.....I can't stand her and won't even acknowledge her when I see her....she is a grub.:cool:

So just be smart mate and watch your back and document everything, like when she has contacted you, and what was said, times, dates and conversation all written down in a dairy, it might just save your criminal record.:)


Sorry to hear about all this mate (was wondering where you had been).

At least you are on speaking terms now, just take it one day at a time.


New member
I mean it almost sounds like she wanted you to keep contacting her just so she can call the police and get ADVO against you to make her feel important.

It's unfortunate but Big M.I.C has said it eloquently!

There are ppl like this all around us. Just play it smart!

Thanks Big.