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Pickleball Serving Doubt: Need Clarification on Faults


New member
Hey everyone, I've been enjoying pickleball for a while now, but I've recently come across a situation that's been causing a bit of confusion. During a recent match, there was some debate about what constitutes a fault during serving. I'm well aware of the basic serving rules, but there seems to be a gray area when it comes to certain scenarios. Specifically, I'm wondering about the legality of a foot fault, especially when it's borderline whether the server's foot is touching the baseline. How strict is the enforcement of this rule? Are there any official guidelines on how to determine if a foot fault has occurred pickleballclick? I'd love to hear your insights and experiences on this matter, so we can all have a clearer understanding of how foot faults should be handled during pickleball games. Thanks in advance for your input!