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NMN ⇒ Seeking advice on NMN, Resveratrol


New member
I've been taking NMN and RSV for almost a month and would love some advice--recognizing, of course, that we're all experimenting and no one has the "right" answers. The crux of this is that taking multiple supplements at increasingly higher doses that are now seeming necessary is a stretch financially right now and I'm deciding whether to continue ramping up or stop and let it rest until finances change.

I've incrementally increased doses of both from 250 mg to 1 g in just the last few days, partly because I had some insomnia early on, although that's been gone for the past week or so. About 2, maybe 2.5 weeks in I had a few days where the increased energy and changed outlook or motivation was definitely noticeable Best Quality NMN, pretty great, but it didn't last--and that was at 500 mg. I'm not really noticing anything to speak of at this point, although of course I realize it could take some time for the higher dose to really be felt.

I also started taking berberine a week ago, since I have somewhat high blood sugar, just shy of technically pre-diabetic. But I've realized the quality of that is a little uncertain, and in fact same for RSV, so I'm considering another brand, along with refill of NMN--which is Alive By Science, btw. And also considering quercetin. Taking NMN sublingually in the morning, RSV in yogurt or olive oil.

So. Have others had that experience of positive effects but not lasting? I can imagine that may mean that long-term effects could still be active, but I'm just not a responder in terms of noticeable effects, in which case I'll just wait until and I can do it right and not sweat the money. But maybe I should stick with it for another month. Has anyone had similar experience? Any thoughts or suggestions?