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Fucked up Kunce
So what’s the magic rep where muscle building ceases. 11,12,15,20?

It’s laughable.


beast mode
Staff member
Going in for a legs session now but going to do everything beltless and sleeveless and see how heavy I can go

I feel like there’s definitely so merit to some completely raw lifting once a month.


Captain Kunce
Muscle gain happens in any rep range.

Even single rep sets.

Fight me.

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Packing a Huge Member
So what you, “I squat twice a week” kunce are saying that there is no optimum rep range for muscle growth?
Kunce just saying that he has a life and not worth fucking about with high reps for the low benefit.


Packing a Huge Member
I don’t consider 20 reps high reps esp for squats.

no kunce saying that low resistance high reps don’t grow muscle, just look at a tennis players playing arm compared to the other one.
What kunce are saying is to get masiiiiiiiif, need to stick to the optimum rep weight ratio. (and gas up hard)