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AUSBB is Femimist

Stiff 2G

SuperDooper Member
We the Men of AUSBB accept our inherent inferiority and Women's superiority. We accept that a strong Man is a chauvinist and that a domineering bullying Woman is "Girl Powa". We accept that Women have all the Rights and no responsibilities while Men have no Rights and all the responsibilities. We accept that a Woman can use her sexuality (tits and ass) to manipulate Men, yet when a Man looks, he is a Pervert, Rapist and sexualling Women. We accept that Women should earn as much as Men, even though Men take all the risks and do the Jobs Women won't or can't do. We accept that Women can spend the work day politicking and using their sexuality to advance their career by flirting with the Boss.
Yes, we the Men of AUSBB are Feminists.
I am convinced we have an issue in society where a good number of men are perpetually frustrated in the dating market and have nothing to show for their efforts. Meanwhile, there are guys who got lucky finding a decent girl to enter into a relationship with, which in turn takes her off of the market. This basically only leaves literal leftovers and women that are excessively fussy/picky, which makes things even more difficult for the men already struggling or frustrated.