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  1. Big Mick

    Why Run??

    Why do people run? What are you scared of?
  2. Goosey

    Leg press

    A good exercise, some depending on design emphasize the hip, while other allow one to go much deeper (safely) compared to the squat. if you ever feel strain in the low back or itchy afterwards , consider how you perform the movement, more often than not you shouldn’t actually sit on the seat...
  3. Shrek

    Minneapolis Cop kills Australian woman

    Australians Shocked by U.S. Killing: ‘It Would Have Never Happened Here’ - NYTimes.com - mobile.nytimes.com https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/07/19/world/australia/justine-damond-sydney-minneapolis-police-shooting.html?partner=applenews&ad-keywords=APPLEMOBILE&asset_id=100000005293072&referer=...
  4. Reide

    Waist width

    I've been doing more training then usual and have noticed my waist and hip measurements have increased. I'm guessing this is because I've been focussing on back muscles to help improve my posture. I'm pretty sure that it's not my diet. I'm vegan which pretty much eliminates 90% of bad foods...
  5. White_Lie

    Olympia 2015

    So the Olympia is quickly approaching. Hot off the press is a standoff with Kai Greene currently not being able to compete. Details are here but I imagine as Kai says in the video, there's more than meets the eye...
  6. G

    Belt Preference?

    Hi so im new to the forum and I was thinking of buying a lifting belt but i dont know whats the difference. I was on my usual and see many options but are there really any differences or is it just the look of it? Helpp!:confused:
  7. 0ni

    Gluten free pancakes

    So I eat gluten free now Made pancakes with rice flour Not as tasty... kinda dry Just usual method, 3 eggs, beat them, add 240ml of rice flour (not sure on weight), 120ml of no homo milk, some sugar, cinnamon, 1g salt Then just pan fried Ideas to make it more tasty? Less dry and more fluffy /...
  8. A

    Tell usabout your usual bulking and cutting cycles

    Do you run each cycle for a specific amount of time (Bulk for X months followed by a cut for Y months) or until you hit a certain weight (Bulk until you weigh X lbs/kg followed by a cut until you weigh Y lbs/kg)? Touch on any points you feel are relevant
  9. A

    Do you keep a log?

    How many of you keep a detailed training log? now i know many of you keep a log on Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding , but do you keep a written record ?
  10. spartacus

    Melbourne Cup and VRC carnival tips

    Please offer tips for carnival; good time of year but always better with a winner. I am leaning towards red cadeaux at this stage; 2nd last year; and meets Dunaden 2.5kg better than last year, although has never beaten him at three starts.
  11. K

    What do you do to warm up?

    i find what i do isen't cutting it whenever i least expect it i get put out with an injury due to poor warming up attempt. i'd like to know what othey people do to warm up b4 lifts
  12. A

    Topic of the Week- How Can One Prevent Overtraining?

    Everyone has atleast once in their training life , over trained , it's a common thing and a rather serious one too Often the new bodybuilder who thinks "more is better" is a victim of overtraining. We should all beaware of the effects of overtraining and how to prevent it. What are...