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  1. S

    Converting Lesbians

    Known this smoking hot Brunette for some time now. Seems she's been converted to darkness by this other Dyke. I just wanna stuff this chick. How to convert Lebos? I'll defer to some of AUSBB's most respected and rational posters: Cum Shot Grunta Undercover Big Mick
  2. J

    Viagra or ciallis?

    Any difference between the two and where's a good place online to get? Grunta or Undercover any help?
  3. S

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Who's had em, who's got em, who's given em? How'd you cure em? @Grunta; @Brick; @Johnnie Walker; @Undercover; Poll is private!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Headley

    Everything 4x4 & Camping

    Anyone go offroad? Anyone go camping? Anyone love seeing whats out there? I am getting into it slowly with me Triton, need to build it up first
  5. A

    I went undercover to find out why people do CrossFit

    Looks like fun? (Facebook.com/CrossFit) The first rule of CrossFit is that you have to talk about CrossFit. When I described to my roommate what happens during a CrossFit session, I'd just come home at 6:30 in the morning, scarlet-faced and drenched in sweat, feeling like I had grown a...
  6. A

    Your favorite routine for desired results..?

    What's your favorite routine that you seem to get the best results from?
  7. A

    Arnold's Golden Six Routine.

    Arnold's Golden Six Routine. I would like to clear up any confusion you may have about anabolic steroids. Every serious bodybuilder should know the truth about steroids. It is my opinion that you can gain all the weight you want without them. Steroids are a very radical departure from...
  8. A

    interesting places in VICTORIA to visit

    interesting places in VICTORIA to visit
  9. kindred

    The wtf do you mean by that woman thread.

    I will start this off. What does it mean when a woman says "What do you want from this." I mean as a man i would have thought my intentions were clear. So why ask the question? It would be good to see if anyone has some other things women say that have hidden meanings. They are mysterious...