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  1. D

    Inguinal Hernia-Still wanting to work out

    Hi everybody just found this wonderful forum. Looking forward to reading through the threads and wish I had found it earlier. Little history I'm late twenties male started working out about 9 months back(lost 9 kilos yay). Doing cardio, weights and ab exercises. Was going really well until I...
  2. 0ni

    The perfect rep

    Goosey; what is the perfect rep
  3. Goosey

    Leg press

    A good exercise, some depending on design emphasize the hip, while other allow one to go much deeper (safely) compared to the squat. if you ever feel strain in the low back or itchy afterwards , consider how you perform the movement, more often than not you shouldn’t actually sit on the seat...
  4. Pappy O'Daniels

    Cheap Chinese Barbell locking / lockjaw COLLARS

    After seeing the fancy prices local suppliers want for collars, I bought these off eBay for $10 / pair. This seems like an area where prices are wildly different depending on brand and store. Spring collars apparently lose their grip after a while, and screw collars mar the barbell sleeve...
  5. Shrek

    Rest / Pause

    Perform 6 strict reps, slow negatives, rest 30 secs Repeat for 4 sets. Gaurateed killa. The DOMS are real.
  6. Fadi

    Triceps giant drop set with a twist

    Everyone knows the effectiveness of a giant set, where more than two exercises targeting the same muscle or muscle group are done one after another. Similarly, everyone is familiar with drop sets and the burning pump they give a worked muscle. This triceps' giant set does have three exercises...
  7. A

    AUSBB- Australian Bodybuilding Forum Challenge Board!

    AUSBB- Australian Bodybuilding Forum Challenge Board! Here you can post videos of your impressive feats of strength. The name of the game is to perform as many strict reps as you can with a given weight. Film the whole set, and get a close up of the plates used so we can verify the weight...
  8. Fadi

    Load the muscle not the bar...

    Since 2009, I’ve written many words on this forum;however one aspect of training I’ve always emphasised was and still is the psychology of training. I believe not enough thought is given to this essential element of our training, the thought of how we ought to approach our training. If your...
  9. Fadi

    When it's not what you think

    Have you ever suffered with a sore and at times annoying elbow pain? Have you been asked the usual questions by fellow bodybuilders? Questions such as: do you do barbell curls mate, and if so, do you use a straight bar or an EZ curl bar? The problem? You might just be looking in the wrong place...
  10. A

    I Take That Challenge!

    Here's how it works. 1) A challenge is posted. 2) The next person who posts accepts the challenge, and must do the challenge within the next 5 days. If a challenge is accepted on a Tuesday, it must be completed by the end of day Sunday. ETC. 3) The next poster may also "throw a flag" on the...
  11. Goosey

    Rep cadence

    How long does it take you to perform 10 rep's on the bench press? 60 seconds 90 seconds 120 seconds
  12. Puggy

    CNS Stimulants - help CNS gains? Or just mask fatigue?

    CNS Stimulants range from Caffeine to the Amphetamine family. Probably someone with experience or from a medical background could answer this. Do CNS Stimulants actually improve CNS gains or do they just mask fatigue while they're active?
  13. A

    How often per week do you perform the 3 big lifts?

    How often per week do you perform the 3 big lifts?
  14. Big Mick

    Knife-Wielding Woman Orders Husband To Perform Cunnilingus

    Knife-Wielding Woman Orders Husband To Perform Cunnilingus Melissa Lee Williams of West Virginia is facing assault and weapons charges after she showed up at her estranged husband's door with a knife and demanded of him and another man: "Eat my pussy." Melissa Lee "commenced to undress...
  15. A

    Weekly Poll #16 - Squat(s) you REGULARLY perform in workout (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)

    What variation(s) of the squat do you do regularly? Feel free to explain if you want
  16. S

    How to perform a detox?

    I was thinking about doing one purely for general health reasons Im not one of the retarded general public thinking of doing the lemon detox diet for fat loss purposes... I guess first of all do you think it is worthwhile to do one? or are the benefits only minimal? Also how do you perform one...
  17. DKD

    Work Romances

    Is it a good or bad idea to be involved in a relationship with someone at work? I'm not necessarily talking about the Xmas party 'liaison', I'm thinking more the ongoing affair. Have you, or someone you know, had any good or bad experiences of this? What are your thoughts?
  18. J

    How to Perform a Deadlift

    How to Perform a Deadlift Deadlift is commonly known as the King of Weight Lifting Exercises and would have to be one of the best compund exercises that you can perform. The deadlift is an exercise that targets your back but it also works out other muscles in your legs including...
  19. D

    [Article] How best to perform the exercises

    to gain muscle from your workouts and get the most out of bodybuilding, you must not only know what exercises to perform but how best to perform them Bench Press. Preferably done with a partner in case you find yourself stuck underneath the bar, or using a bench press machine (such as a Smith...