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  1. A

    Rise of ‘bigorexia’: men with body image issues battling depression

    IT’S called reverse anorexia and it happens to men who believe they are too little and too frail and new research shows its driving men to inject steroids and suffer psychologically. Muscle dysmorphia affects men whose have normal muscle mass but who believe their muscles are inadequate. Sydney...
  2. Darkoz

    Feminists, be careful what you wish for

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/15/us/politics/congress-women-military-draft.html?_r=1 Kapow!
  3. A

    The Mystery of the Female Orgasm, Explained With Science

  4. gymbunny

    Females Deadlifting

    I'm curious to know if Im the only female training that finds it easier to lift heavy whilst maintaining form by doing Semi Sumo deadlifts? It just felt so much more natural to lift in this style. Ive done a little bit of reading of the pros/cons of doing Sumo deadlifts vs conventional...
  5. kindred

    What motivates females to workout?

    I know a few people that do nothing all day or very very little, is there anything i can say or do to make them do stuff? I dont mean full on fitness programs or anything but just any stuff at all. Im watching them become so lazy they call each others mobiles when they are in the same house...
  6. J

    Any tall females here?

    I am 6'2" and recently started to workout. So I was wondering what's best way for tall people to lose fat. Any advice would help