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  1. T

    FS: [BNE] Squat stand, Safety Squat Bar,Trap Bar

    Hi guys, With a recent house move, I need to get rid of some of my stuff. These were all purchased from Southside Fitness about 3-4 years ago. Links below show the current prices and pics for the items when new. Squat stand...
  2. S


    What would be a good option for adding dumbells to my home gym? My wife wants to start working out and with her bad knees I think we could construct a pretty good workout for her using mostly dumbells.
  3. A

    What do you regret buying for your home gym?

    What do you think wasn't worth the money it cost? Or you bought something and barely use it?
  4. Shrek

    Adjustable Dumbells

    Anyone got them? Thinking of getting a pair like this. Worth it?
  5. A

    Small/Ignored Bodyparts

    We all know that standard cookie cutter bodybuilding workouts hit every possible muscle group. But most trainees don't hit every muscle group. Which groups don't you hit, and why?
  6. O

    VIC - WTS: Rubber Coated Olympic Plates & BB - Rubber Flooring - Dumbells - Bench Etc

    VIC - WTS: Rubber Coated Olympic Plates & BB - Rubber Flooring - Dumbells - Bench Etc Hey guys, looking to sell some equipment I picked up around Christmas time and have barely used, as I soon found it's either to hot or to cold to workout in the shed, and have just kept going to the gym :P...
  7. B

    Micro loading dumbells

    Hi all, I've got a standard adjustable dumbell set where the smallest increase is 2.5kg per dumbell (1.25 plate a side). What I wanted to ask is do any of you do anything to allow for smaller increases in weight such as unevenly loading the dumbell or micro loading with smaller weights? Or...
  8. C

    Syd/NSW/ Powertec LeverGym And Dumbells Great Deal

    Two years old but it is on great condition. It is pickup only item. I will give a hand to buyer to pull a part the gym it depends on the transport maybe you don't need to pull a part everything. The Powertec gyms are very good quality and doesn't take much space, I have this one in a unit at...
  9. trofius

    tiny pink dumbells

    Of tiny pink dumbbells and fat chicks Carrie Patrick
  10. M

    Do u prefer barbell or dumbells?

    I prefer db's for symmetry purposes and more freedom. I don't feel as locked in a lot of movements. Barbells come in handy on heavy rows, deadlifts squats ect but I feel you carry over more strength to barbells from dumbells rather than barbells to dumbells.
  11. M

    Loading Oly Dumbells

    I'm looking at getting oly handles for benching but im worried that the spring clips wont be strong enough to keep the plates in place. Max load at each end will be 17.5kg so about 40kg in total What are your experiences with oly dumbbells?
  12. B

    Ghetto Dumbells

    Gents looking for input on a project I am considering. I mentioned in an earlier thread on standard gear that my local metal recyclers has standard plates for $1 a kilo. There is a mountain of them sitting in the corner of the yard. I want some dumbells for home but am a tight bastard so...
  13. Rambodian

    Adjustable dumbells

    I want to buy adjustable dumbbells that can go up to about 80-100kg each. Frigged if I can find anywhere that sells such a thing, do you guys know anywhere? Maybe I have to get some handles made up? I want them for one arm rows (croc rows :o) and bench press, I was looking at Oly handles but...
  14. Fadi

    One exercise or movement that puts you in heaven is…

    This post is not about the best exercise or the most effective overall muscle builder or anything like that. No; this is more about the one exercise that above all else, quenches and satisfies your psyche. It would be appreciated if you can also tell us why your chosen movement instills a deep...
  15. G

    2 x 110 pound cast iron dumbells for sale (vic)

    Hi guys, I have a pair of 110 dumbells for sale. There is still ttime!! on my ebay auction. I appreciate that I cannot post a link to ebay on here, so simply go to ebay and search under 'strength training' The auction ends this Saturday at 12:00pm. If you would like to make a genuine...
  16. I

    Gaining weight only with Dumbells ?

    Iam a male , 28 years old , weight 62 KG , Height 5 ft 7 inches ,and having a skinny body, now in order to gain proper weight can anyone suggest an execrise plan , supplements and diet routine etc that At home I only have 8kg dumbells . I can't join a gym as there is no gym in my area
  17. S

    Excercise for legs with barbells and dumbells

    i'm after some exercises to work out my calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads. The only equipment i have access to is a barbell and a set dumbells. I'd like to build them big if anyone has some decent exercises that they can share with me. currently i'm doing squats and a standing calf raise...
  18. J

    Use of Dumbells

    Hi all , jackal here I've been working out using only dumbellslifting heavy weights (well heavy for me anyway ) with low reps. Plus ive been eating lots of high-protein food. I've been doingdumbell flat benchpress, dumbell overhead press and curls, doing 7 and 10 reps. My weekly routine goes...