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  1. Goosey

    Leg press

    A good exercise, some depending on design emphasize the hip, while other allow one to go much deeper (safely) compared to the squat. if you ever feel strain in the low back or itchy afterwards , consider how you perform the movement, more often than not you shouldn’t actually sit on the seat...
  2. WoodyAllen

    GPC newsletter WTF.

    Got the GPC newsletter. First few lines read: So, from that, I get that Andy Hargreaves is, "subsequent to that", either a druggy, an anti druggy, a government employee covering his butt, a NSW source, an anti drug abuse and distribution advocate or non of the above. I also notice that GPC...
  3. T

    Melb - East side training buddy?

    Ayyeee. I was a member here about 6 years ago, and I'm looking to get back into training seriously. I've been lazy AF the last year or so, and I'm garbage at keeping myself accountable. I would love to find a eastern suburbs training pal particularly for morning sessions. Anyone keen? Burwood...
  4. A

    Join in the 2017 transformation

    So with the warmer weather upon us , the new years just 8 days ago , was your resolution to get fit , lose a few kilos , pack on some muscle? If so join in on the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding 2017 Transformation Challenge. It is open to all transformations: Fat to Thin, Scrawn to Brawn...
  5. L


    Seems my quads are shrinking, I thought they were OK but guess it was half fat.. I want to add something for quads, but don't want to hit glutes too much I already have a deadlift butt that my Mrs is jealous of.. So far I have two different leg days. Leg day 1 is Squat + Romanian DL + Calves...
  6. kaz

    Game of Thrones Season 6 ***Spoilers***

    Begins 24th april 2016
  7. spartacus

    Why i have a lack of arch in lower back

    I got my xrays for back, and it helps explain why I can never get an arch at start of clean or deadlift. I remember years ago m weightlifting coach saying I needed to get more of an arch, but things have obviously got worse. Chiro report: Lumbar spine is very flat. The shape of your pelvis...
  8. 0ni

    Butt wink is not about the hamstrings

    Butt Wink Is Not About the Hamstrings DeanSomerset.com Great article
  9. kindred

    The wtf do you mean by that woman thread.

    I will start this off. What does it mean when a woman says "What do you want from this." I mean as a man i would have thought my intentions were clear. So why ask the question? It would be good to see if anyone has some other things women say that have hidden meanings. They are mysterious...
  10. J

    All in 1: The Butt, Leg, Arm and Core workout

    All in 1: The Butt, Leg, Arm and Core workout intro I am going to show you a classic move that works your butt, legs, arms and core. When doing this exercise, make sure youcontinuouslyengage, by flexing or squeezing, your abdominal (core) muscles. One set takes about 15 seconds or more to...
  11. NPR

    [Article] Getting to know the squat - All you need to know about squatting.

    Getting to Know The Squat If you’re serious about your strength, physique or physical prowess in general, the squat is arguably the best lift you can learn to perform in the gym. Simply put, there are a plethora of reasons you should start squatting TODAY even if you’ve never tried them...
  12. alex

    back of head STILL kickin my butt!!

    ok guys.....the back of my head still throbs out of control while benching. anything up to 60kg is fine anything after that ouch!! ok breathing , diet, form ect all fine. even went to the physioand apart from being a bit tensenothing seems to be the problem. every other lift no probs at all...
  13. alex

    stiff just above my butt!!

    i know im asking for it haha but i have to ask... after deadlifts and even rows lately i have been experiencing a bit of stiffness from just above my tail bone? anyone had this?? its straight after the lift so not doms...
  14. B

    Butt to floor squats

    Did my first ever successful butt to floor squat yesterday! All the painful stretching and annoying isolation rehab stuff has worked! And sooooo worth it. All the partial squats that I have been doing at much heavier weights had none of the kick of these babies. Crap weight (3 sets/12 at...
  15. J

    14 Stress-Free Ways to Kick Weight Loss in the Butt

    1. Focus on gradual loss. I mentioned this above, but it’s important. Too many people focus on trying to lose weight fast — 10 pounds in 4 weeks, 20 pounds in 2 months, etc. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t work, because even if you are able to lose that much weight that fast, you haven’t...
  16. R

    [Cycling] where did i put my bike?

  17. C

    boob accidently brushes up

    Do you say "oops" or nothing at all? Just curious, as it has happened to me a few time ,the most recent was the other day this male colleague at work (middle aged and married) brushed up against my boob a couple of times, a trainer's hand have brushed my arse, it might not have been an...
  18. S

    [Cycling] What kinda butt would you like to draft?

    Ok let's say that your drafting behind a chick(guys or maybe girls;)), would you like the small waist small firm butt Or the small waist but big butt kind? for me it has to be small waist small firm butt
  19. T

    [Cycling] bike shorts and butt padding?

    I have just gotten back into riding , to get into shape , but my ass is starting to hurts so just a quick question, do bike shorts come with padding in the butt area? my seat isn't all that great not very comfortable and doesn't have much padding I will be getting a new seat in the next few...
  20. U

    butt excersizes

    what are some good exercises to do for your butt so i can tone it some more. i go to the gym and im not sure which equipment works it the best. thanks in advance