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  1. Reide

    My walls suck

    I need inspirational quotes, fitness info, anything to put on my walls because they are kind of gross looking.
  2. A

    Ausbb- Australian Bodybuilding forum Transformation Contest

    Back by popular demand is the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum 12 week transformation contest have you got what it takes to take part in the challenge? The official thread and info is here http://ausbb.com/forumdisplay.php?f=108 good luck and may the force be with you
  3. A

    I introduce to you a new feature

    Ladies and Gentleman , Boys and girl of Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding I bring to you a rather new snazzy feature to Ausbb I introduce you to My bodyspace , which can be found it your profile what is it ? what does it do i hear you ask? Well quite simply it is a place for you to provide...
  4. S

    Wanted to say hi and make an offer

    I'm offering a genuine bodybuilder or big muscle man $100 per week to help them with their lifting goals and adding more muscle in exchange for meeting up to hang out for some discrete muscle admiring sessions. I meet with bodybuilders when I travel to the US who enjoy having their bodies...
  5. Neddysmith

    Brazils Best Bum winner.....

    No Cookies | Herald Sun OK here is, apparently Brazils Best Bum, well unless i am missing something they surely have to looked harder.....
  6. A

    Do you own or use a small Gym?

    Do you own or use a small Gym? Do you know someone who own's , or pherhaps you use a small local gym ? Are you wanting a place to discuss topics relevant to your gym? Setting up your own forum can be costly and time consuming,Let Ausbb do the work for you. Ausbb is the place for you , we are...
  7. peanutz

    cycles...and not the bike or steroid kind...

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT... sorry dudes who lurk this forum, this is a thread about PERIODS. i've been paying more attention to my health / wellbeing in relation to my cycle lately and i've come up with this... pre-ovulation - i feel drunk and loopy and disconnected from gravity and...
  8. mocha


    yo, ive made an implant thread before.. however im still thinking about it.. not as though i have the money lying aorund for it, but still deciding whether its something i want to really get.. does anyone on here have implants that they think look really natural- and got in Aus? do you have...
  9. 0ni

    finger curls

    grip strength - Page 2 I told you they were good
  10. DKD

    Nana Mouskouri Appreciation Thread

    My mum used to have a few Nana Mouskouri records and I never really appreciated her until recently. When I say recently, I mean about 10 minutes ago lol. Here's a tribute to this magical lady. Que sera sera..... mmmm...she looks kinda cute here...not too bad....come to papa, nana Nana...
  11. Shrek


    Palumboism Thought some might be interested in Palumboism. I first read about this disease about 5-6 years ago and it stuck in my head, esp Greg Kovacs and Dave Palumbo. This post from getbig probably explains it best in layman's terms. from getbig.com What is Palumboism or Palumbism ...