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  1. Stiff 2G

    Are these Tits real?

    One of the most famous Tennis players of our time
  2. simo74

    Coming back to training after illness

    I have been off training all this week due to bronchitis and sinus infection, on antibiotics and expect to be good enough to train next week. I am current training for strength following wendler 531. My last week of training was a deload week. My question to all is what would you do the first...
  3. Shrek

    John Cena 611lb squat

  4. Repacked

    The best physiques never to turn pro

    Edgar Fletcher:
  5. D1cko

    General Powerlifting Programs- Personal Reviews

    I thought I'd start a thread where we could review a program based on our own personal experiences. There's no right or wrong reviews, just opinions and sharing what worked and what didn't.
  6. R

    Simple 531 inspired template

    I like the philosophy behind 531 it can be massaged to meet a lot of training needs. Heres a template that many have had great success using especially guys that are still building a decent base of strength. -Take 95% of your everyday max and set it as your training max. -Week 1: 65%x5...
  7. R

    Some 531 style rep schemes

    Here are some 531 style percentages using 100% of your training max. 10/8/5 Week 1-45/55/65%x10+, that means 45%x10, 55%x10, 65%x10+ Week 2-50/60/70%x8+ Week 3-55%x10, 65%x8, 75%x5+ 8/5/3 Week 1-50/60/70%x8+ Week 2-55/65/75%x5+ Week 3-60%x8, 70%x5, 80%x3+ High Volume 5/3/1 Week...
  8. Shrek

    Unpleasant Physiques

    Who do you think has an unpleasant physique? Dave Palumbo for me. And this guy.. muahahaha
  9. C

    531 discussion - substituting deadlifts

    Spending 531 on 9 weeks has confirmed what I already learnt from previous experience, frequently doing DLs for reps does not work well for me - I find them disproportionally hard to recover from, and it affects progress on the rest of my lifts negatively, especially squats. post-newb gains, I...
  10. C

    531 discussion - maximal strength suffering?

    Hello people, I've been lurking for a few months now and figured it was time to say hi and get involved. I spent a few years doing mostly generic unstructured bb'ing type training, but about 6 months ago got quite interested in PLing. Did my first comp couple of months ago at PTC Sydney...
  11. A

    Feature Packed 531 Excel Spreadsheet

    Feature Packed 531 Excel Spreadsheet Features: 3/5/1 for Powerlifters Templates progress tracker graphs that automatically update stall feature – choose which exercises and how much you want to reset them, without adjusting the numbers from previous cycles; simply type any words into the...