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  1. NOOSA - Wanker capital of the World?

    Started by Stiff 2G, Yesterday 08:40 AM
    80s, bit, brisbane, carpark, coast, crap, day, find, full, gold, junk, man, north, nsw, people, reputation, south, star, started, street, time, wanker, week, wild, world
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    Last Post: Yesterday 08:40 AM
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  2. Test

    Started by LiftingDad, 17-03-2021 04:40 PM
    age, benefits, bit, building, case, check, compound, days, diet, feeling, guys, heal, health, heard, hey, long, low, plan, rain, results, test, time, train, week, year
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    Last Post: 24-03-2021 06:45 AM
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  3. Anadrol 50

    Started by GaryHost, 15-12-2020 12:29 AM
    arts, cycle, day, dumb, gear, give, hat, heavy, major, martial arts, mate, memory, opinion, opinions, questions, small, stack, taking, test, time, trainer, week, wrong, years, young
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    Last Post: 15-12-2020 07:57 PM
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    Last Post: 12-12-2020 06:01 PM
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  4. Advice needed.

    Started by Roy demeo666, 07-12-2020 04:50 PM
    advice, age, amount, body, carbs, cycle, experience, guys, gym, half, hard, hate, hey, make, needed, protien, rain, required, results, super, test, train, week, weeks, years
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    Last Post: 30-12-2020 04:16 PM
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  5. Cycle Review

    Started by BukkakiNinja, 27-11-2020 07:02 AM
    #12, 200mg, 75mg, adex, affects, brains, cycle, est, experience, fat, free, increase, multiple, pla, plan, review, run, running, rust, sides, testosterone, total, trust, week, weeks
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    Last Post: 27-11-2020 07:02 AM
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  6. Leg press - rib pop.

    Started by Aussie_pleb, 20-11-2020 07:40 PM
    bit, bloody, body, bottom, doctor, end, full, hard, heard, huge, insane, leg, leg press, noise, part, pop, press, recovery, ribs, set, sore, time, tom, training, week
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    Last Post: 05-03-2021 04:02 PM
    by Thomas313  Go to last post
  7. Need some advice

    Started by Aussie_pleb, 20-11-2020 07:31 PM
    adrenal, advice, ais, avoid, cycle, doctors, endo, est, freaking, high, moderate, newb., normal, nut, ordering, pre, range, referral, results, scale, test, tha, week, weeks
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    Last Post: 04-12-2020 04:51 PM
    by kevin814  Go to last post
  8. High Estrogen Post PCT - Blood Work

    Started by Bombers1010, 08-08-2020 07:24 PM
    art, blood, cycle, due, dura, gyms, hey, high, list, long, months, normal, post, question, range, short, star, start, test, things, total, week, weeks, work, year
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    Last Post: 08-08-2020 07:24 PM
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  9. Goldís Gym goes bankrupt amid coronavirus lockdowns

    Started by Admin, 08-05-2020 09:54 AM
    3 Pages
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    bra, chain, closure, color, company, conti, feature, finance, fit, fitness, forced, gym, news, owned, president, sans, story, stressed, time, video, watch, week, world, years, youtube
    • Replies: 20
    • Views: 206
    Last Post: 11-04-2021 03:29 AM
    by Fink  Go to last post
  10. Test E Sus 250

    Started by Paul181, 19-02-2020 12:50 PM
    250, 4th, accident, advance, advice, belt, cycles, der, easy, est, experience, gains, keeping, life, past, pct, run, smashed, sus, test, time, training, week, weeks, worth
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    Last Post: 19-02-2020 08:55 PM
    by Shrek  Go to last post
  11. Brisbane TRT Sustanon 250 seeking advise

    Started by Zak, 12-02-2020 02:02 PM
    advice, blood, couple, day, finger, fun, funny, good, great, guys, gym, heal, health, huge, life, long, member, sex, sleep, split, test, trt, week, weekly, working
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    Last Post: 15-02-2020 11:59 AM
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  12. Help with AIís needed please!!

    Started by xvx81, 30-01-2020 01:56 PM
    advice, area, arimidex oestrodiol aiís, arms, cycle, day, dose, due, endo, good, guys, half, hat, hey, high, knew, monday, needed, newcastle, super, test, time, tonight, week, wondering
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    Last Post: 30-01-2020 01:56 PM
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  13. Mark Wahlberg

    Started by Shrek, 26-11-2019 06:24 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,147
    Last Post: 27-11-2019 08:53 PM
    by Shrek  Go to last post
  14. Where to lift in Sydney CBD?

    Started by Matt from Welly, 23-09-2019 01:58 PM
    appreciated, cbd, clea, clean, distance, don, fancy, full, gym, gyms, hey, lift, meals, online, pay, recommendations, rest, staying, street, syd, sydney, tiny, walking, week, where to
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 3,774
    Last Post: 07-02-2020 04:12 PM
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  15. First timer

    Started by Rodney, 17-07-2019 04:59 PM
    advice, art, cheers, cycle, dosage, end, est, fairly, good, great, shape, star, start, sus, sust, taking, test, tha, thi, thinking, time, timer, week, whe, wondering
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,915
    Last Post: 04-09-2019 09:51 PM
    by Mattymoo  Go to last post
  16. Perth - Newbie looking for help

    Started by TH1882FC, 19-01-2019 01:46 AM
    cod, code, flexible, happy, hat, hel, help me, hey, link, looking for help, massive, newbie, pay, perth, rush, session, shi, shit, sort, star, started, tha, till, time, week
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 2,576
    Last Post: 03-09-2019 06:57 PM
    by Mattymoo  Go to last post
  17. Do You Run Without Music?

    Started by Admin, 06-12-2018 12:04 PM
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    • Replies: 15
    • Views: 3,427
    Last Post: 04-05-2021 06:12 PM
    by typhil01  Go to last post


  18. How's it going.

    Started by liftinglife82, 20-11-2018 02:35 PM
    abs, bulk, change, cheap, day, days, feel, half, hit, hour, huge, life, lol, love, muscle, powders, split, stuff, taking, thing, training, week, work, working, years
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,153
    Last Post: 20-11-2018 04:19 PM
    by Cum Shot  Go to last post
  19. Aerobic exercise - do we need it?

    Started by Stiffy, 03-09-2018 03:23 PM
    actual, aerobic, cardio, define, exercise, fit, fitness, high, higher, inte, intensity, left, lot, min, minutes, numerous, peeps, sus, sustained, talk, talking, times, week, weigh, weights
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,235
    Last Post: 24-10-2018 04:48 PM
    by Jenson  Go to last post
  20. surgery and training...

    Started by dustman007, 31-08-2018 04:50 PM
    bar, belts, body, body weight, conti, due, economy, hand, ideal, leg, mon, months, products, safe, safety, simple, single, squat, squats, suggestions, ted, training, week, weigh, weight
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,276
    Last Post: 31-08-2018 08:21 PM
    by stronkmanlet  Go to last post
  21. New training frequency study: 5x beats 2x

    Started by Stiffy, 14-08-2018 10:36 AM
    3 Pages
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    beats, beneficial, bodybuilding, development, ess, frequency, good, greater, grow, growth, high, led, muscle, resistance, strength, study, subs, tha, thick, thickness, trained, traini, training, url, week
    • Replies: 24
    • Views: 3,885
    Last Post: 14-09-2018 12:54 AM
    by canned tuna  Go to last post
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,224
    Last Post: 18-07-2018 01:52 AM
    by WoodyAllen  Go to last post
  22. Rotator calf

    Started by BigMuhhh, 16-07-2018 05:12 PM
    biceps, bit, cal, calf, chest, days, exercises, family, focus, footy, guys, gym, injury, mornings, put, rotator, run, shoulders, struggling, training, week, weigh, weight, workout, years
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 2,031
    Last Post: 17-03-2021 06:48 PM
    by Thomas313  Go to last post
  23. Flu season is about to begin

    Started by Stiffy, 13-07-2018 02:22 PM
    asap, august, begin, cough, dom, expected, flu, good, hands, immune, immune system, late, peak, season, sho, shot, shots, stay, system, wash, wear, week, weeks
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 977
    Last Post: 13-07-2018 06:26 PM
    by Cum Shot  Go to last post
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