Hey Guys,

I know you are probably sick of beginner cycle pls help me not grow boobies type of posts, but I would really appreciate some input.
I have read most of the stickies and read through all of the wiki on r/steroids - there is a lot of information and its pretty overwhelming when I have 0 knowledge of any of it.

My main goals are to increase strength + size and stay somewhat lean, at the moment I am 85kg and 12% bf.

Here is my plan:

  • Test E / Dose: 250mg - E3D / Week1-Week15 / (The r/steroids wiki recommended 15 weeks, but if I am running an oral too should I shorten this?)
  • TBol / 40mg - ED / W6-W15 / (I chose tbol for the lack of sides and keeping most of the muscle on, is running this at the end of the cycle my best bet?)
  • Aromasin / 12.5mg - E3D / W2-W15 (this currently isn't available on my source so I might need to change this to Arimidex)
  • HCG / 500IU - EOD / W11-W16 ( I wanted to run this everyday but its really expensive in AU, is this a good timeframe for me to run it?)
  • Nolvadex / 10mg ED / W17-W23 (is this too long/too short?)
  • TUDCA & NAC / 250mg ED / W6-W15 (I read this was only needed during the oral phase)

What I don't have here is an item such as N2 guard, its really hard to get in AU - am I missing anything else to stay healthy throughout?

Would love any advice on my stack or answers to my questions, I'm excited to get started but just want to make sure I am across everything.

Thanks in advance for any help/abuse that you will provide❤️