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Thread: Bloods, low t clinics, online programs

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    If I were to really give it my all and go back at it for a few weeks or a month, I could probably do a lot better than those stats.
    Truth is I really have to make time for it to do that. I really just keep regular with lifting now, I have to lift daily for work,
    not breaking records, but enough to abort any non serious well planned out effort. Obviously to get more time off work one day
    or have a less labor intensive role would make things more possible. Of course I aim for that. For now keeping regular and watching
    Lascha break 500 total is enough (it will have to be) !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timeah View Post
    Lol you didn't get close.

    195cm is tall.

    83kg of lean mass is not HUGE for that height. It's's fit. But you can add way more training correctly.

    37 isn't even old for this.

    I'm 37. Almost 38. That's just a number. It's not 58....

    With those numbers that tells me one of either two things here:

    1. You don't know what you are doing.


    2. You just don't apply any effort.

    Doing a few reps for "tone" or shape or fucken whatever, won't do a damn thing but keep you platued.

    I coach a few guys remotely...and they all way stronger and alot lighter than you. And all are over 30yo.

    One is a fair bit older too, the dogmatic son of a bitch. Hahaha.

    TLDR; drugs are not the immediate required solution here. (Doesn't mean they can't come later, I don't care what anyone does). Hard work is.

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