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Thread: my trails are gone

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    Default my trails are gone

    well i got up today planning to go down to my trails to fix them up some,
    i get down there and all there was nothing, i had just been down therelast week and was working on them.

    now i guess ill rebuild them and if they get torn down again i'll find a new spot for them.
    It sucks they were just starting to develop with 1 set of 2 doubles 2tables a smooth berm and ending with a huge dirt quarter built into a hill

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    Default my trails are gone

    Man that blows, that happened to me last year , the council actually took pictures of them bull dozing and put them in the local rag with a heading of "illegal skate park dozed" yeah right dickhead paper , skate park out in the middle of the bush . so we rebuilt it elsewhere , so far so good

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