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Search results

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    Deep Wrinkle Relaxer by Cheryl Tiegs???

    thanks in advance for any help
  2. M

    Deep Wrinkle Relaxer by Cheryl Tiegs???

    I just ordered this (free trial for 30 days) for the price of $2.95 shipping. I thought the ingredients looked really good. Has anyone tried? INGREDIENTS: Water, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Butylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ormagel SH (Hypnea...
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    My two pair of black dress shoes are getting ratty, and in the course of looking for new ones, came to the realization that black dress shoes are boring. Yes, custom-made cap toes are nicer than J&M, but not to the extent of brown, etc. especially if I'm going to be spending $200-$400. Assuming...
  4. M

    What to do to improve posture

    I noticed in the gym today that I have awful, slouched over posture and my shoulders droop forward.... Apparently I always have had crappy posture according to my mother. What posture exercises should I be doing to improve my posture and help pull me more upright?? If I consciously try to be...
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    price of the antipigmentation serum

    It offers great value for its effectiveness in reducing pigmentation and improving skin tone. The price of the antipigmentation serum on the Gluta website is reasonable considering its remarkable benefits.
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    price of the antipigmentation serum

    Are you struggling with stubborn pigmentation problems that are affecting your confidence? Have you heard about the benefits of using an anti-pigmentation serum? How long does it typically take for an anti-pigmentation serum to show noticeable results? Are there any potential side effects or...
  7. M

    Child arrangement order and moving away

    Looking to move about an hour away from where I currently am somewhere in the future. My oldest child’s father and I have a court order in place. It covers visitation and states my oldest lives with me. My current partner and I have a child together as well, neither of us has much family in the...
  8. M

    Tip from isabella

    What is a unique and valuable tip or technique that Isabella, an experienced nail technician or enthusiast, has shared for achieving flawless and long-lasting nail polish application using UV dry nail polish? How does Isabella recommend preparing the nails prior to application to ensure optimal...
  9. M

    NMN ⇒ Seeking advice on NMN, Resveratrol

    I've been taking NMN and RSV for almost a month and would love some advice--recognizing, of course, that we're all experimenting and no one has the "right" answers. The crux of this is that taking multiple supplements at increasingly higher doses that are now seeming necessary is a stretch...
  10. M

    Chakra healing question

    How does the practice of chakra healing harness the power of our body's energy centers to promote holistic well-being and align our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves? Explore the intricate network of the seven chakras and their unique qualities, from the grounding energy of the root...
  11. M

    dream interpretation

    What role does dream interpretation play in understanding the subconscious mind and uncovering hidden meanings? Explore the various theories and approaches to interpreting dreams, such as psychoanalytic, cognitive, and symbolic perspectives. How can analyzing dream symbols, themes, and emotions...
  12. M

    home health rcm

    How can home health revenue cycle management solutions help home health agencies improve their financial performance and streamline their billing processes? What are the specific challenges that home health agencies face in managing their revenue cycle, and how can specialized home health RCM...
  13. M

    maca coffee question

    What is the history of maca coffee, and how has it evolved in popularity and usage over time? Are there any cultural or traditional practices associated with consuming maca coffee, and how does this vary across different regions and communities? What are some of the main ingredients and...
  14. M

    Springer fork/w disk brake

    Gentlefolk all, Having delved deep into this forum archive with less than satisfactory results I would appreciate those with specific experience giving me/ us some input. History; Having just completed a 4stroke 49cc Huffy- Davidson build and now have 40 miles on it. I have read enough about...
  15. M

    Letting Agents are ignoring me

    appreciate any help. thanks in advance
  16. M

    Letting Agents are ignoring me

    Hi all, looking for some reassurance or otherwise advice on what to do next. I have signed a contract on Tuesday for a new tenancy agreement which is starting 1st April (tomorrow). Since signing the contract and paying the holding fee (half the deposit), the lettings agents have not responded...
  17. M

    Dentist Question: Re Tongue

    really appreciate a ny help. thanks in advance
  18. M

    Dentist Question: Re Tongue

    Hi! F/44; Weight/145/Non-Smoker Medical: Fibromyalgia possibly Lupus (seeing a second specialist to verify. received some small oddities in bloodwork (ANA elevated & DFS) I bounce between sleep deprivation/chronic fatigue resulting in sleeping 18 hours per day. Meds: 100 Lamotrigine, 20...
  19. M

    How do you remove gel nails?

    thanks for any help