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    Effective Exercise for Seniors and What to Avoid

    I appreciate your content and agree with your guidance. But to add on! I must say that there are a few exercises that are beneficial for elderly people. Brisk walking Stationary cycling Swimming Tai chi Arm weights These workouts would be considerable good for elderly people as These...
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    How to Maximize Your Upper Body Training

    INFORMATIVE ARTICLE! Following are Upper Body Strength exercises Biceps curls and hammer curls Chest press Triceps kickback and overhead extension Bent-over Row Assisted pull-ups and dips.
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    What are the types of mental health disorders?

    Following are the type of mental disorder Anxiety disorder Psychotic disorder Eating disorder Personality disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) Obsessive disorder
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    How To Widen Your Back?

    Following exercise might be helpful for a wider back Reverse Grip Rows Dumbbells and Barbells Pullovers Lat Pulldowns Seated Cable Row Long Angle Dumbbell Row Deadlifts Rowing workouts
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    10 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

    Walk and exercise regularly Reduce your sodium intake Drink less alcohol Eat more potassium-rich foods Cut back on caffeine Learn to manage stress Eat dark chocolate or cocoa
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    Is Exercise On An Empty Stomach Really A Good Way To Burn Fat?

    Doing cardio on an empty stomach is known as Fasting Cardio, working out in a fasted state allows human growth hormones to work in your favor, it burns more fats and calories, and makes you stronger from inside and out, Aerobic exercise in a fasted state can induce higher fat oxidation.
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    How to Improve Your Jogging Speed

    Jogging is very powerful as it helps to build strong bones, improve cardiovascular fitness, and burn plenty of kilo calories. The following are the ways to improve your jogging. Build your strength Skipping rope workouts Choose lightweight runner shoes Practice tempo running to go faster Wear...
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    Do You Run Without Music?

    Music is good as it improves your breathing pace. The use of music has a positive effect on your exercise, but it also depends on your mood and choice.
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    7 Tips On How To Make Your Legs Run Farther

    Interesting and informative article! Strength training is very much necessary and we should follow the instructions in order to get rid of injuries and problems. There are numerous reasons for runners to make strength training a priority. A few of them are listed below Increases Efficiency...
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    What is the fastest way to lose weight riding a bike?

    Riding an electric bike helped the rider to burn 444 calories per hour. They are fast and flexible, they are innovative, and E-bikes are environmentally friendly. They can also improve their level of fitness.
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    Eat well to ride well

    Your nutrition strategy can only work if you are well hydrated. It doesn’t matter what to eat or how much. Eat carbohydrates while cycling, just not too much. Food like sandwiches, dry fruits, and homemade energy drinks would be best while cycling. Stick with solid food that has relatively high...
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    Good quality deadlift socks?

    I’d recommend following deadlift Socks MOXY-deadlift Socks Hoplite-compression Calf Sleeves Bear Grip-Shin Sleeves
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    Safety bar length

    I’d recommend ‘Power Rack or Squat Rack Barbells’ as those racks are not less than 44 inches in width as you have to stand between the safety catchers while exercising.
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    When is The Best Time To Run?

    Morning running is the best choice as it helps you to lose weight, build muscle, mood gets better, you bring down your blood pressure, Alongwith roads are free from traffic and noise in the morning, so you can run easily.
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    Exercises for Lower Back Pain - Here Are the Top 3 Exercises

    Straining and spraining a muscle can cause lower back pain. Biking , stretching exercise, low impact aerobics, resistance exercises considered the best exercises for lower back pain.
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    Bodyweight conditioning ideas or challenges ?

    I preferred Sprints, Skipping ,Burpees and running might be a good idea!
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    How To Build Strength In A Best Way

    Appreciated work! Informative article, Stay consistent, focus on the form, try compound exercises, and many other options might be helpful for your strength.
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    Squats, are they necessary?

    Its depend on personal choice and also squat help you to look good and feel better it strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and also the most effective strength training exercise.
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    Sets and Reps for Leg Extensions

    I’d prefer 4 sets of each like leg press, squat, extension,or curls might be helpful.
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    The Right Order For Gym Workouts

    Impressive and informative routine for a gym workout, these all mentioned steps are helpful for attaining fitness goals.