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    ME Bench Pressing

    im going to make an educated guess and say perhaps the spotter neglected to take it off or, it helps him with back support or it's the luminati.
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    Sydney Olympic Lifting - trainer recommendations

    I know a few good places and people in Syd central. There used to be a great one in five dock for example.
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    Bodybuilding Thread

    Yeah, I competed a fair amount I also did a lot of business type of work with the sport - doing a few national level comps.
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    Bodybuilding Thread

    Yes. I did quite well at it. Several things changed. Several thinds stayed the same and so I moved on to other projects.
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    Bodybuilding Thread

    Ups and downs. I've not posted here in 3 years. Main not doing anything close to bodybuilding these days.
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    Bodybuilding Thread

    This may sound terrible but I'm surprised people still use this board. I've not posted here in a life time.
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    Bench pressing

    Big thanks to all those who put in their 2.5c worth. A nice new hobby of mine is to study training programs, to get an idea of what's happening in terms of volume, intensity and so forth. When it comes to flat & incline presses in the same workout, i wasn't sure how 'common practice' it...
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    Bench pressing

    Does anybody here do an incline and flat bench press exercise in the same workout ? What's the logic begun this.. Eg, Incline bp (weight)(8 reps)(3 sets) Flat bp (weight)(8 reps)(3 sets) Other exercises...
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    [Article] Interview with Alan Aragon

    How dogmatic. Just joking. I may have contradicted myself. My main point was that fat loss with a strategy of lowering fat is a good option when it comes to fat loss. If an individual is operating on 65% carbs, 30% pro and 5% fats, their destined for disaster. That being said we all metabolse...
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    [Article] Interview with Alan Aragon

    Like Alan, I enjoy preaching against nutritional dogma that is often so subtle that most people don't realize their following it. I also enjoy teaching against performance dogma. From what I can tell, a better way to lose weight is possibly to lower fat actually. While being on a calorie...
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    23y.o. 65kgFirst Cycle

    people have to make their own mistakes
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    23y.o. 65kgFirst Cycle

    test e(thanate) is a nice drug to start out on. That is not to say I recommend it to you (now or ever). As per previously suggested, periodize / cycle your calories and training first. We are pretty much the same height/weight. I could be a lot bigger, but I chose not to as i am comfortable...
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    Theories of Motor Skill Acquisition

    Theories of Motor Skill Acquisition keeptraining.blogspot.com.au The most notable thing that happens when people practice is that they demonstrate increased proficiency in performance and skill. A skill can be conceptualized as a task (e.g. throwing a baseball, kicking a ball) or it can be...
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    rest period between sets

    As an institution that specializes in increasing general athleticis and decreasing the rate of injuries for athletes, I feel that their recommendations do carry some weight. Believing their recommendations blindly and using them as dogma may not be a wise move.
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    rest period between sets

    Well...with a workout of spprox 80 working reps and taking approx 8 minutes of rest, I'm not surprised training sessions take a long time. I'm aware that training needs to be specific to the competition. In a competition if you were to benn 100kg, with the second attempt Beinf 105 (for...
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    Glycogen depletion and super-compensation Questions

    There are definite easier ways of getting shredded than using a weird template of glycogen depletion/supercompo. Don't forget that musclular glycogen depletion doesn't happen in a vaccum. There are many different things at play. You should make sure you're taking in enough water soluble...
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    Killer created fake Facebook profile

    What would be a better arrangement ? I'm assuming that 21 years behind bars isn't much fun. Well...it's not much fun in Russian prisons. Easier in Australian ones. I am strongly against the death penalt. On the other hand, a person spending the rest of their natural life in prison involves a...
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    Iran weightlifters aid earthquake victims!

    Iran weightlifters aid earthquake victims Source - www.iwf.net Weightlifters all around the world participated in days of celebrations returning to their home countries after the London 2012 Olympic Games with their Olympic Medals. The story was different for the Iranian weightlifters, who...
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    Weightlifter Dies In A Power Lifting Competition

    The meet/technical director has a lot to answer for x the right person should be given the right job. It's a safety thing. He's the manager. That being said, if the spotters didnt feel comfortable in that role, then speaking up could have avoided a big mess. I wonder if there some sort of...