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    Training app for new lifter

    Again I don't need advice on manual options, I'm specifically asking about apps that work in a particular way Does anyone actually read posts here or what? Admin feel free to delete this thread, it's going nowhere
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    Training app for new lifter

    The SS app is simple, just hit 'start workout' and all your warmup sets are worked out based on the work set, and the work set is just 2.5kg more than it was last workout (or 5kg, or whatever you set it to). Enter your reps and if you hit em all, next workout it tacks another 2.5kg or whatever...
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    Training app for new lifter

    I've just gotten back into the gym after a long time off, been doing Starting Strength for a few months and doing OK with it... About to go to a split program (probably push/pull/legs) and looking for a tracking app. Have been using the Starting Strength app and it's actually really good, it...