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    I have heard about the problems I can face through this and it does seem quite daunting, what are some of the things you would recommend and what problems have you faced? Should I store a sample if I decide to proceed?
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    baby faced zero sex drive no motivation lethargic Constantly tired, even after sleeping inability to retain muscle increased lower abdominal mass can become quickly depressed The main ones are sex drive, motivation and being constantly tired. It becomes a real hindrance and you feel like you...
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    3rd one came in the highest at 12.4 The tests has been spread out over 8 months with recurring symptoms over the last 3 years.
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    Yeah I know what you mean. Doctor didn't believe me at first when I asked to be tested. Came back at 6.2nmol/L 2nd one came in at 9.4 then he brushed me off saying I was fine, decided to get a second opinion, this GP has been more understanding.
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    Is anyone here (at a young age) on any form of TRT? I have recently under gone a few blood tests over the last 8 months in regards to my Test levels, I receive my final lot of results tomorrow and most likely will be going on some form of TRT. I just wanted to know if anyone at a young age has...
  7. V

    Caffeine help :)

    So recently I have decided to go on a zero caffeine stint to see if any of my results vary as such. I have read that caffeine can boost your metabolism but at the same time can increase your cortisol levels and from my under standing (correct me if I'm wrong) it breaks down the protein in your...
  8. V

    Low test ?? HELP !!

    Hope you know that test levels fluctuate throughout the day and can be up or down based on a number of considerable things. E.G. How many hours sleep you have had Food you have eaten If you have had sex How much you have worked etc etc. I suggest go and get a weeks worth of at least 9 hours...
  9. V

    Steroid stack ratios

    Sorry man but holy sh*t thats ALOT of test to be running. Be very wary of sides man. Most run around 500mg mark.
  10. V


    Google can go a long way. Most 'gear' these days is just home brewed unless labeled other wise and you get lucky to have a proper lab brand. Although a lot of people are out to make a quick buck, so know your sources. To answer your question Tyrone its pretty much you buy a powder, mix with an...
  11. V

    Otc pct?

    He didn't, making an assumption, why else would someone only have 21 days?
  12. V

    Otc pct?

    Honestly don't bother, save your money. 21 days of juice is like dieting for a week. Waste of time and cash. Plus what your going to count on less then 300mg of sust to last you for up to another probably 2 weeks max while not keeping your test levels at a constant high to get good enough...
  13. V

    Test P only.

    Did laugh.
  14. V

    My 2200 cal bulking diet using Max's guidelines

    At a rate of gaining mass, should you measure and adjust your calorie intake each week based on a weigh in? Or should you adjust monthly?
  15. V

    Facebook: Check ins and status'

    Serious I think your a complete tosser if you post that shit on facebook. Why don't I post things like oh hey im breathing.... its the same shit, most people do it, do not care. /end rant
  16. V

    What happened to bodybuilding?

    People want to see freaks, not sculptured beauty.
  17. V

    Thoughts on Zyzz?

    hard evidence to say he is not dead???? not those fake fb accounts or his troll accounts either.
  18. V

    Topic of the Week- When does supplement intake become excessive?

    I wonder how many people actually stick to a strict supplement plan, i know i last about 8 days then just either forget or cbf.
  19. V

    My whole diet in a day + supplements tell me what u think.

    this diet needs more eggs and red meat. Less potatoes and more oats No fruit???? only other veg besides potato and sweet potato is broccoli. Your veg is not limited to 3 things, corn carrot peas beans, start there, they provide essential vitamins and minerals and are just as important as your...
  20. V

    no bull supplements

    Ordered myself 6kgs of WPI choc for myself and a friend. Postage was extremely quick. Quality of product is awesome. Taste and mix ability top rate. Customer service, you couldn't get any better. Price 11/10 Can't ask for much more Thank you Van