View Full Version : 30 Day Accountability Challenge: Signups

05-11-2015, 12:19 PM
This is essentially a 30 day personal accountability challenge where participants choose personal goals to work on over the 30 days, and then talk about their day (ups, downs, challenges or major victories or fails), and as a group we are there for each other to give a kind word or support as needed.
What you decide as a goal is up to you you can pick one personal challenge or three, just be realistic about your goals.
Some goals people worked on for the last challenge included losing x amount of lbs, taking x amount of time off running distance, or making sure to exercise x amount of time per week. I'm happy to say that those who stuck with us for the most part ended up reaching their goals! Those of us who participate become accountability buddies, and we push each other to do our best for those 30 days.
If you want to join, make a comment in this thread between now and Wednesday (November 11th)
In this comment I'd like everyone to post a little about themselves. Starting weight, current weight, goal weight, height, sex, and age, things like that. Then I want to know your personal challenge(s). Obviously, feel free to tell us a little more about your journey so far, if you'd like :)
Day 1 will begin November 12th and end December 12th with each post posted in the evening between 6-10