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  2. Teens stab woman to death prank gone wrong!!
  3. Aussie troops defied war prisoner laws
  4. Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes the ground across Melbourne
  5. Bizarre-looking shark caught in Sea of Cortez baffles scientists
  6. Florida anglers' catch of 25-foot giant squid is a gift to science
  7. Australian cycling star Carly Hibberd dies in Italy crash
  8. Carbon deal tax cuts - What do you think?
  9. Grog labels to carry cigarette-style health warnings
  10. Origin pisser charged by police (MUST SEE VIDEO)
  11. Royal Australian Navy uniforms issued with badges that misspell country's name
  12. Two charged for lashing Sydney man
  13. At least 80 killed in youth camp shooting
  14. Amy Winehouse found dead, aged 27
  15. Leopard mauls 11 in fierce fight at Indian village (Photos)
  16. Sue the Govt for injury while having Sex?
  17. Cop's car seized under hoon driving laws
  18. police shooting up my way
  19. Gym joke' earns New Zealander Cameron Leslie ridicule in a new range of un-ironic t-s
  20. U.S. Loses AAA Credit Rating as S&P Slams Debt, Politics
  21. Cathay investigates 'aircraft sex photos'
  22. Taliban shoot down chopper, killing 38
  23. not a good picture for the region
  24. Councils in crackdown on personal trainers
  25. Luke Wood is dead!
  26. Sydney man stabs and kills intruder armed with stun gun
  27. Kiddie gyms being set up for tubby toddlers
  28. RIP - Steve Jobs
  29. 14 Year old Boy charged with possesion in Bali
  30. Woman had drunken sex with four boys - and escapes jail sentence
  31. Petrol pump nozzles dangerous breeding grounds for deadly bacteria and viruses
  32. Man dies in NY gym fight; officers used Tasers
  33. Judge William Adams beats disabled daughter Hillary 16 YouTube video
  34. US Marine Presence in Australia
  35. Porn Legend Sasha Grey Reads to 1st Graders,
  36. Nurse charged with murder over deadly nursing home fire
  37. car ran out of petrol? it happens to trains also
  38. Shooting at Doherty's Gym Brunswick (VIC)
  39. Fake doctor doing breast checks
  40. Protesters target Max Brenner......
  41. Bodybuilder attacks parents - Arrested for attempted homicide
  42. Japan spends earthquake relief funds on enhanced whaling security
  43. 18 yo mum shoots and kills intruder
  44. Gillard and Abbott trapped by protest
  45. Gordon Ramsay's Dwarf Porn Double Found Dead in a Badger Den in Wales
  46. Sun Bed Ban by 2014
  47. US Army investigating supps after 2 possible DMAA related deaths
  48. Whitney Houston Dead @ 48
  49. K'Rudd's famous video
  50. Kevin Rudd resigns
  51. Manorexia
  52. Coke, Pepsi make changes to avoid cancer warning
  53. Swisse ordered to cease vitamin advertising due to misleading claims.
  54. Teen killed at 'Project X' inspired party
  55. COD linked with terrorism
  56. Taliban arrested in dresses
  57. Shapelle Corby set for early release
  58. Slimmer Dies from drinking excessive amount of water.
  59. Founder of Bodybuilding.com Pleads Guilty to Selling Misbranedd Drugs as Dietary Supp
  60. Ronnie Coleman Sperm Donor
  61. New Pre-bridal weight loss fad
  62. UK's Biggest Female Bodybuilder cant find Love <3
  63. On the job payout: Woman injured during sex
  64. Kings Cross Shooting - were the police rightful in opening fire in public?
  65. Egyptian husbands can have sex with DEAD wives...
  66. FDA challenges DMAA safety in products
  67. Would you take in a refugee family for $300pw?
  68. Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys dies at 47.
  69. Woman run down after cat urinates on PC
  70. Carroll Shelby dies at 89
  71. The craziest anti-gay wingnut....ever!!
  72. Fat Tax
  73. Parent Sues School: "School 'failed to get me into law"
  74. Weight lifter killed lifting Weights Home Gym
  75. Ruby Payne-Scott's 100th Birthday
  76. Meet our bodybuilding beauties
  77. A new excuse for not exercising??
  78. Fitness First slims down to trim debt
  79. Does this image offend you?
  80. Games hopeful: $5000 now or I quit and you all miss the Olympics
  81. Swearing Fines
  82. Youths muscle in on party powders
  83. "Not the Headline" News......
  84. Gym Bans Skinny People
  85. Hostile Muscular Guys
  86. NASA releases 'spectacularly detailed' Mars panorama
  87. Cyclist hit and killed by olympic media bus
  88. Here’s the Restaurant Where Olympic Officials Allegedly Rang Up a $70,000 Tab
  89. How much water and air does the Earth really have?
  90. London Olympics 2012: DMAA responsible for 1 of 8 doping violations
  91. Paramedic Hero
  92. DISCUSSION: Should dole participants be drug tested?
  93. Killer created fake Facebook profile
  94. Iran weightlifters aid earthquake victims!
  95. Michael Clarke Duncan dies 54yrs old
  96. Lance Armstrong's Teammate Tells All - 'The Secret Race'
  97. Bodybuilder in Internet blackmail scam
  98. Would you donate your body to science?
  99. NYC bans soft drinks over 500ml
  100. Sydney protests call for beheadings...
  101. Serious case of child neglect...
  102. Your Curved Beer Glass Could Be Making You Drink Faster
  103. Newly Discovered ‘Hulk’ Protein Could Make You A Beefcake Without The Weights
  104. Social Media and the courts
  105. Weightlifter takes own life after failed tournament.
  106. Tonight, world record freefall from the edge of space
  107. Man dies after roach eating contest
  108. GYM JUNKIES: How do Aussies get fit?
  109. Bus drivers weighing over 130kg stood down and sent to gym for 6 months
  110. RIP Cat Man
  111. Israeli\Palestine Conflict
  112. Worlds tallest building - built in 90 days
  113. New Zealand man wins right to jog in nude
  114. Nurse in Royal Prank Call Kills Herself
  115. School Shooting Claims 27 lives
  116. Public servant wins legal battle after being injured during sex
  117. Supreme Court rules no Nativity Scene for Canberra this year
  118. Richard Dawkins interviews
  119. Tassie Fires
  120. Ned Kelly buried, but his legend lives on.
  121. Subway Sued.
  122. The election is on - 07 Sept 2013
  123. Jacked 3D DMAA kills London Marathon Runner
  124. Hero or Villian
  125. BladeRunner shoots girlfriend
  126. Government taking money from inactive bank accounts
  127. ESS High Performance Training Centre up in flames
  128. Cure for HIV
  129. cleanskin Tony Doherty
  130. Lululemon reportedly made customers bend over to prove sheerness
  131. North Korea Threats
  132. Daniel Koum court time
  133. US woman cuts off Husbands Penis!
  134. More aid workers in top pay brackets
  135. Aaron Sabbah threatened mechanic with large black dildo over 'lost' Mercedes-Benz
  136. Man Screws a Horse
  137. Machete attack in London
  138. Adam Goodes racially abused by 13 year old girl
  139. Google bans 'Tits & Glass' app
  140. Michael Douglas: Oral Sex Causes and Cures Cancer
  141. Court hears bank fell for masquerading armoured car guards
  142. Weightlifter Daniel Koum sues over blackmail claim
  143. Parents to blame for kids with Type 2 diabetes, International Diabetes Foundation say
  144. James Gandolfini dead
  145. Queensland police officer under investigation for violating social media policy over
  146. Beer could improve your heart health
  147. Australian physicists Ian and Garry Robinson unlock spin bowling secrets
  148. Gucci customer wants refund for 'fragile' $800 bag Read more: http://www.heraldsun.c
  149. Knife-Wielding Woman Orders Husband To Perform Cunnilingus
  150. Psychedelic Trips Don't Harm Mental Health
  151. Strong Men don't need to eat meat.
  152. Australia Post semi-trailer damaged by fire in Carmila; all parcels on-board destroye
  153. Bodybuilding Member for Nudgee Jason Woodforth's offbeat weight loss tip
  154. ignobel awards
  155. Windfall for Students Dodgy Knee
  156. Porn doesn't pay as Penthouse owner files for bankruptcy
  157. Classic cars involved in crash near Tatura
  158. Anorexic Woman feels great after starting Body Building
  159. Morbidly obese two-year-old world's youngest to have bariatric surgery
  160. FBI shuts alleged online drug marketplace Silk Road
  161. Christoper Lane ‘screamed’ as he was shot, says accused driver Michael Jones
  162. Texas high school Spanish teacher Cristy Nicole Deweese posed naked for Playboy as te
  163. Chopper Read, crime figure and author, dead from liver cancer aged 58
  164. Deputy principal Lisa Cutter gives students a lesson in bodybuilding after she wins o
  165. Women Choose Mates by Shoulder Size First, Research Suggests
  166. Brisbane mother muscles in on bodybuilding competition
  167. Bodybuilder Bar Fight: Female bodybuilder Megan Abshire forced to defend herself afte
  168. Supermodel Bar Refaeli asks 'what's wrong with me?'
  169. Mexican drug lord shot dead by clown assassins
  170. Bodybuilding Meridan State College deputy principal Lisa Maree Cutter sues State Gove
  171. Link between fatty foods and heart disease 'a myth'; fats are actually good for you s
  172. Heaviest woman in the world
  173. Doctor caught up in sports drugs raid suspended
  174. Voice of Simpsons' Edna Krabappel dies
  175. Centrelink's costly new logo is a no-go
  176. <VIC> Mobile phone laws change November 25
  177. Petrol station pricing mirrors bank tactics on interest rates, review finds
  178. another bullshit study
  179. Biggest ever swimwear casting call looking for "fit, wholesome, pretty girls"
  180. What if advertising were more honest? Clif Dickens shows us with Honest Slogans blog
  181. Japan is doomed and just plain weird
  182. 29,000 steroid tables seized on Gold Coast
  183. Study: Men who do “women’s chores” get less sex.
  184. Arsenic in protein..
  185. Study: Men focus on Body First....
  186. Brazils Best Bum winner.....
  187. How Ross Edgley lost 12kg in 24hrs.
  188. Study: Leggings are not pants
  189. Are you a Tipper?
  190. FDA seizes another $2 million worth of DMAA products
  191. Bang Bang You Da Yoyo
  192. Australia's health at a glance: We're fat, depressed and battling cholesterol
  193. Cranbourne bodybuilder overcomes loss of baby to mix it on national stage
  194. RIP Greg Kovaks
  195. RIP Mike Jenkins
  196. Young Athlete Deaths
  197. Paul Walker dies aged 40
  198. Woman Sparks outrage after posting a selfie of her abs, 4 days after giving birth.
  199. fat city
  200. Apparently women should only train with 3lb Dbs
  201. Gary Lewer Arrested in Melbourne...
  202. Exercise addiction: Ben Carter tells how an obsession with exercise threatened his he
  203. UFCFIT founder Mike Dolce reveals what it takes to have a body like the world's best
  204. Holden to end Local Manufacturing by 2017
  205. KISS guitarist Ace Frehley's house burns down
  206. Daily workout cuts festive food damage, University of Bath researchers find
  207. Anti-aging compound
  208. Angry, broke, and a chronic masturbator. The inventor of hardcore porn Al Goldstein h
  209. Brisbane man Peter Phillip Nash accused in US over Silk Road drug dealing website
  210. American Gladiators' Star Nitro -- Hospitalized for Heart Attack ... Blames Steroid A
  211. The Flu Shot Is Less Effective in Men With High Testosterone
  212. A TV Anchor Tries to Gift Bitcoin On Air, Is Immediately Robbed
  213. Kiana O'Neil, 14, mistaken for burglar, shot by stepdad in Colorado Springs
  214. Search called off for man swept off rocks near Jervis Bay
  215. the mungrels selling dud drugs , how dare they rip off druggies
  216. Cyclists allegedly assaulted on Beach Road
  217. Tourism influx expected as Washington and Colorado legalise pot shops
  218. Good news everyone!
  219. Dogs Defecate In Alignment With Earth's Magnetic Field
  220. Egyptian beer brewer's tomb found in Luxor
  221. Some pollie wrote a book...
  222. Ashy Bines' Clean Eating Diet Plan one of the three worst diets in the country: Dieti
  223. Luxury renovations for Prime Minister Tony Abbott at Kirribilli House
  224. The problem with social media
  225. MMA Fighter Fights Off 4 Home Intruders, Kills One Of Them!
  226. Bulked-up body, short fuse mind: steroids and rage
  227. Wake up Australia, we've all forgotten how to take a joke
  228. Shoes Could Be Weapons? Who Knew?!?
  229. Man treated for seven week erection in Dublin hospital
  230. Rope climb fall, massive injuries
  231. Former Biggest Loser contestant Andrew 'Cosi' Costello reveals the truth about the we
  232. Sydney King Hits: Model Wanted for Poster
  233. Son, 16, ‘killed mum with dumbbell’
  234. Skier Jackie Chamoun’s topless pictures spark potential inquiry in Lebanon
  235. Spun fishing line turned into muscle
  236. You can now PEE out your fat:
  237. Man sues McDonald’s for $1.5m after only getting one serviette
  238. Man lost on own property after drinking beers, following dingo
  239. Cattle Grazing back in the High Country
  240. Hahaha Youtube generation gets whats coming.....
  241. Online dating figures reveal Gold Coast and Brisbane men like girls with curves
  242. Loser born every day....
  243. Snickers Ad Manages to Be Sexist to Both Men and Women
  244. Fitness, sales assistant and hospitality courses fall out of favour
  245. Beer is a rich source of silicon and may help prevent osteoporosis
  246. Should childless people be taxed to help families?
  247. Urinating in the swimming pool could result in a deadly chemical weapon
  248. So Confused??
  249. Woman killed in Shark attack at Tathra
  250. Gaming LATEST IN GAMING Facebook enters the world of virtual reality FILE- In this J