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  3. crabrevenge the ultimate revenge
  4. Where did you meet your partner?
  5. Worst first date ?
  6. Difficulty with a 'friend'
  7. My girlfriend just broke up with me via msn god damn it
  8. using your physique in the right way?
  9. pick up lines u have heard used on you
  10. Best way to pick-up in a gym
  11. partners and self esteem issues
  12. Wrong to put someone down?
  13. SX a exercise.. serious question
  14. Help / Advice on picking up
  15. dealing with compliments
  16. marriage/partnership of convenience?
  17. one sided
  18. Different sexual appetites
  19. damn, Tall women
  20. Tall women? How about a shy guy?
  21. hate you fat love you skinny
  22. Can't guys just be honest???
  23. Popping the big Q
  24. How do you identify a single woman from one in a relationship?
  25. Older women vs younger women
  26. Long term relationships and it's effects.
  27. Do you think normal/social people are attracted to private introverts?
  28. Dealing with getting old
  29. How to meet new friends?
  30. Speed Dating
  31. Be moral and ethical ppl.
  32. Do long-distant relationships work?
  33. How to put it gently
  34. How to ask a woman for sex but not ready for a relationship
  35. Why dont women get in touch with guys if they like them?
  36. HAve you ever met anyone you have instantly fallen for?
  37. What to expect new dad incoming!!
  38. Women cheating....why and just wow
  39. Figure this one out for me cheers
  40. The wtf do you mean by that woman thread.
  41. what if your child grew up to be homosexual?
  42. What do you do when the weight of the world crushes your spirits?
  43. Is wanting a relationship a phase?
  44. Female Mindgames
  45. Do you like daggers?
  46. lets test what u would do in this situation
  47. How long before you should start calling her your girlfriend?
  48. Home wrecking...
  49. Best way to deal with a break up
  50. People who are never wrong
  51. How do you deal with children if they arent yours?
  52. Where do u draw the line
  53. Sad ramblings of a pathetic human
  54. Body building lifestyle cost me my relationship.
  55. Stripper girlfriend problems
  56. HOT osteo Dilema
  57. ever met anyone that you met online?
  58. What's the youngest you'd go?
  59. What should you do if your the victim of misplaced anger?
  60. Work Romances
  61. Bad Housemates
  62. Lesbian Appearances
  63. First time dad
  64. How many ppl cheat?
  65. dating
  66. the players handbook
  67. What kind of man are you?
  68. difference between the types of playas
  69. What's your favourite type of girl?
  70. How safe is the withdrawal method?
  71. anni suggestions plz
  72. breaking up
  73. What would you do if your partners ex is causing grief?
  74. What body shape do you like your women?
  75. social test - Elephant in the room
  76. How do you 'Categorise' Cheating.
  77. Sexy time
  78. Phantom In my Brian.
  79. guy from work
  80. valentines day...
  81. Oasis active
  82. Glimpse of my mortality
  83. any u guys had a 3some?
  84. Your gf/bf's past lovvvvers
  85. Do you or your partner work away from home
  86. Does your gym life have an effect on your relationships?
  87. unwanted attention from customers
  88. The Moment You Knew?
  89. How do you initiate sex?
  90. Help me help her take it like a pro
  91. Cheating. Is it Ever Ok?
  92. When haven't you forgiven?
  93. Name Them
  94. fatherhood
  95. Sexercise: 9 Sex positions that are great exercise!
  96. Mars & Venus - Questions & Answers
  97. guys- your reaction to this pic
  98. I Believe....Do You?
  99. 69 Sex Facts :)
  100. should i accept DKD's friend request?
  101. The legend of kindred
  102. Anyone ever been to the Saints & Sinners Ball?
  103. Ugly Women
  104. Chick im not keen on gives me her number and expects me to call help?
  105. how to stop hating
  106. How Attractive Are You?
  107. Expression of Love
  108. Swinging Lifestyle / Open Relationships
  109. Attention After Transformation
  110. Study Tells Us Women Are Horniest At 11 PM On Saturday Nights
  111. Trying too hard to avoid 'bad' dates?
  112. Video: The Science Of Orgasms
  113. True story
  114. Ausbb Rate or Hate
  115. Casual Sex good for you
  116. pregnant ex of 6 weeks dumped me
  117. Do you blokes have a doghouse?
  118. Danger: The Friend-Zone
  119. Single Income Partnerships/Marriage
  120. Women's Logic and other Wonders of the Universe
  121. Is it real or just a perception?
  122. What’s the point of oral sex?
  123. female bodybuilder
  124. I'm not affectionate
  125. I can not understand her? Why is she so difficult?
  126. stuff my wife/husband/partner/gf/bf does that annoys me" Thread
  127. 11 Things You've Always Wanted to Know About Lesbian Sex
  128. Great Mates you've lost over the years!
  129. 50 Women Answer ‘What Goes Through Your Head While Giving A Blowjob?
  130. The more someone wants you the less you want them?
  131. Sperm issues in men and women
  132. Do you see yourself getting married?
  133. Great Australian Sex Census
  134. Premature Ejaculation = Anything Under Three Minutes
  135. Spreadsheets Adds Data Tracking, Achievements To Your Sex Life
  136. Anyone not want kids?
  137. Thoughts re a guy at my gym
  138. Break ups
  139. Please help me.....
  140. Lovemaking and yoga and contortion
  141. Finally some research that people will find useful!!
  142. The female orgasm as you know it does not exist Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/lif
  143. on line dating
  144. Universe’s Big Mysteries Has Been Solved! –What The Hell Is Female Ejaculate Made Of?
  145. Cocky Alpha Bodybuilder on Dr Phil
  146. 7 Sex Positions Expectations vs Reality
  147. What do you think of Valentine’s Day?
  148. Going the Chocolate
  149. scent of a Man: Women Can Sniff Out a Hot Guy
  150. Eight (S)exercises To Boost Your Bedroom Strength
  151. The 'sex selfie stick' lets you FaceTime the inside of a vagina
  152. A Bowflex for your vagina "tone" it back into shape
  153. Gay Marriage, do you support it?
  154. The Mystery of the Female Orgasm, Explained With Science
  155. Pubic hair on your partner. Yay or Nay?
  156. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  157. Need the D!
  158. how do you meet members opposite sex
  159. Has bodybuilding helped or harmed your dating life?
  160. A Woman Wore Her Fitbit During Sex And Replicated A Classic Experiment
  161. breakdown of a beautful relationship
  162. You're doing it wrong..
  163. Does Sex Count As Exercise?
  164. Muscle worship
  165. Guy asks 100 girls for their numbers, 95 said no hahahah
  166. A Doctor Explains The Pros And Cons Of Common Sex Positions
  167. Student got vibrator stuck up her backside during sex with boyfriend
  168. Sex for older Men
  169. Shaved Rod and Tackle
  170. Homosexual Men in Parks
  171. My best friend
  172. Converting Lesbians
  173. Fuck Friends
  174. "Modern" Women
  175. Homosexuality and You
  176. any chicks
  177. embarrassing situations
  178. Sugar Daddy