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#12 000 000000 001 1kg 2kg 5kg 5x5 100 200 201 217 250mg 730 774 abc abs absolutely abuse access actual advance advice advise age ago air allowed alo amazing andrew app appreciated arms army arrival art article arts asked assistance attack aus ausbb aussie australia australian australians awesome back bad bags ban bar barbell bars based basic beef beginner bench benefits bet big bike bird bit blast bloke blood body bodybuilder bodybuilding boo born box bra brand breakfast brisbane bro brother buddy build building bulk bum bump business buy calf call called cardio care carrying caused cement cha change changed channel chat check cheers chest chicken chin ups choice choose claims clen close closed closure club cold color coming comp company competition completely compound comps con conti control cool cooper core corner cos couple crazy crea current cycle cycles dam damn dangerous dark day days deadlift deadlifts decent defence der designs desk desktop dhea dia die diet difference doc doctor doctors dodgy don donít dose drew drink drive drugs due dumb ear early ears easily easy eat eating effect effective effects ell embed emergency end endo ends energy ess est eve evening exercise exercises experience experiences eye face facebook family famous fast fat favourite feature feedback feel feeling female fight figure find fined fingers first cycle fit fitness foods form forum forward found frame free friends front fuck full fun gain gains gear generally genuine gerry girl give giving god good google government great greatest grilled grow growing growth grunta guess guide gun guy guys gym gyms hack hair half hand hank happy hard hat hate hcg head heal health healthy hear heard heart heavy hel helped hey hgh high highly hips history hit hitting home honest hoping hormone huge ice idea important inappropriate incline increase increasing india info injury intake integrity international internet iphone iron issue issues itís iím iíve job john join journey juicing jury kaz kids king kit knee knees knew kunce lab labs laid land las lats leading lean lean muscle legit legs level lie life lifestyle lifters lifting line link links list listings lol long longer looked lose weight losing loss lot lots love low lower lurking machines made main maintain make makes making male man mark martial arts mass massive mate mayor meet melbourne member memory men met methods mid milk mind minutes mobile mon money month months morning moved movie muscle muscle gain muscles nature needed net newbie news nice night normal november novice nutrients office online opinion opinions optimal option order ordering owned pain par park part participation pas past paying pct people peptides person personal pharma pla place places plan planning pls pmi pming point pop popular pos position positive post powder powerlifter ppl pre prescription president press pressure pretty price pro problem problems products program proper properly protei protein prove pull pump purchase purchased put question questions qui quick rain range rap rate read reading ready real reason recently recommend recommendation record referral related remember reports reps reputable research rest result results reviews ribs rick ride riding risk road rope routine row rowing rows rugby rules run runni running safe safety sarms scale scam scams school scotland sea search seeking sell sense set sets sex share shi shift shipping shit short shot shoulder show shown shrek shut side sides sig similar simple site sites situation size sky small smart smashed solid sort source spar speak spend spit split sport sports sprints squat squats stack staff standard star start started starting steroids stiff stiffy stop stopped store story street strength strength training stressfree struck stuck stuff suggestions super supplement supplier sydney system table tablets tack takes taking talking tapatalk team ted telling ten tennis test test e testosterone tha therapy thi thing things thinking thought thread throat til time times tip tips tire title tits told total tough train trainer trainers traini training training to failure tren trick tricks trouble trt true turn type types unders understand understanding universe update ups url user vials vic video vids view waist wanna wanted warm warming watch water weak website websites wee week weekend weekly weeks weigh weight weights whe whey white wife woman women won wondering work working workout workouts works world worst worth wrong yeah year years yesterday young youtube yrs