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#12 000 0ni 1st 2kg 2nd 4th 5kg 25kg 32kg 70kg 80s 100 101 104 126 140 201 217 220 250 250mg 267 300 317 400 440 500 531 630 800 2010 2017 2019 8000 abs add adding admin advance advice aerobics age ago ahead alive alo amazing amp anavar animal annoying appreciated area arimidex oestrodiol aiís arms arnie arnold art article asked ass ate attach aus ausbb aussie australia australian avoid awesome back bad ban banned bar barbell barely bars based basic bench benefits bet bible biceps big biggest bike bike accident birds bit bli blood board body bodybuilder bodybuilding bodyweight booked bought bout box bra brawl brisbane bro building bullshit button buying cage cal calculators called calories cals canned cap car carb cardio care caused centre cha chain channel chat check checked cheers chest chicken claims clean close coach color coming comp competing compound comps con container conti cool correct crazy cream credit crime crossfit cuff cult curl curls current cycle cycles date day days dead dead lift deadlift deca decision den der designed develop dia die diet difference difficult dkd dmaa doc doco dogs don dose download drink driving drop due dumb dumbbells dumbells early easier easy eat eating eats effects eggs elbow ell encrypted end endo era ess est eve evening exercise exercises experience experiences expirience face failed fake fall fancy fat favorite featured feedback feel film find finish first cycle fit fitness fits food forced forgotten forum found free freedom frequent friend front fucking fuk full funny gain gain muscle gains game general generally gerry goal goals good goose graham great grow growth grunt grunta guess guide gut guy guys gym gyms half half rack hank happened happy hard hat hate head heal health healthy hear heard height helpful hey hgh high higher highly history hit home honest horse hot house huge human humans ice idea images imagine imo important improve improving incline incoming increasing info injectable injuries injury ins intake intensity interested israel issue issues itís iím iíve jchen job johns join joint jury keen keeping killer kind king kitchen knew knowledge kunce label large las late lead leading lean leg legs length life lifestyle lift lifting line link links list live living loading local lock lol long lose lose weight lot lots love low lower mad made main major make makes making male man manage mass masters mate meal meal plan meals media meds meet melbourne member memory men mick min mince mind mine minerals minute minutes modified mon monday money month months morning muscle muscle gain ned needed news nice night nominate notebook novice nutrition oats online opinions option organisation pack pain pansy partner past pay paying pct people personal pharmaceutical phase piece pin piss pistachio pla place plan podium point pointless popeye pos positve post powder power powerlifting power rack pre prefer preferred president press private pro problem problems program promotes proper properly protei protein protein powder pull pump push put putting query question questions qui quick quiet race rack racks rain range ranking rate reaches read reading real reason reasons recently recommend recommendations record related reply reports reps research rest results resurrection reviews ride riding rip risk road roids rolling room rotator routine rows run running safe safety sale scams section send serious session set sets setting sex sexy shape sharing sheet shi shirt shit shooting shoulder showroom shows shrek side similar simple site ski skin sleep slowly small smart smoke soft solve son soo source specific speech split splits sport sports spot spotify sprints squat squats squatting star start started starting steps steroids stew stick stiff stiffy stop stopped store story street strength strength training stuff style success super supplements support supporter sus syd sydney syndrome system table tablet takes taking talking tapatalk tas tbol tears ted tells ten terminator terms test tested testosterone tha thi thing things thinking thought thoughts thread tiger til time timer tiny tip title told ton top total train traini training tren trt tuna understand upload url vale variety vegan veganism veggies vial video view wait walking wanna wanted watch watching water weak website wee week weekly weeks weigh weighing weight weights whe where to whey protein wife wink winstrol woman women won wondering work worked working workout workouts works world worst worth wrong yeah year years yesterday youtube