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#12 000 0ni 3kg 5kg 5th 20% 99% 100 101 104 121 126 140 190 201 217 220 247 267 300 317 365 380 500 520 531 841 876 1980 2010 2019 abb abc access act acupuncture add admin advice age ago alive allegedly allowed amazing animal anymore app apparel appreciated area arm arms arnie arnold arse art article asia ate attach attacks aus ausbb australia australian avoid back bad ban banned bar barbell bars based beginner belt bench benefits bet biceps big biggest bike bit bitch bitchin black blood blue body bodybuilder bodybuilders bodybuilding body transformation bodyweight bought bowls boxing breaks breed brisbane build building bunch business buying call called calories canned car carb carbs carbs or cardio care case cbd cell centre cha chain championships chance change check chest chicken chris christmas classic clean clicking coast code color coming community comp competing competition compound con conti control cool costs country cover cracked crazy cream crime crossfit cult cycle cycling daily dark day days deadlift deadlifts decision depression designed desire desk die diet difference disappearing discount disease dmaa doc doctor doesnít dogs don donít drop dry dumb early earth easier easy eat eaten eating edition effective effects egg elbow election ell end ends enjoy environment equipment ess est eve excited excluded exercise exercises expect experience ext extreme face facebook factors fall fashion faster fasting fat favorite fee feed feel figure film find fit fitness fits fixed flat flexible food foreign forgotten forms for sale forum found free fri front fruit fuck fucking fuk fulfilling full gain gain muscle gains gallery game garlic gay gear general generally generation gerry gif gift give giving glycogen goal good goose great green grip grow grunt grunta gum guy guys gym gym equipment gyms half hand hank happened happy hard hat hats head heal health healthy hear heard heavy herbal hey hgh high hill history hit home hope hot hours ice idea ideal images important incoming increase index industry info injured injury ins instagram interest interested interesting international iphone iron issue itís iím iíve jchen jersey job johns join joy juice juiced jump keeping kicked kind king kitchen knee kunce las late lbs leather left leg legs liestner life lift lifting line link list live loa load loading lock log lol long looked loose los lose weight loss lost lot love low lower lunch made main major make makes making man mass massacre massive mate meal meal plan media meet member men mens merry method mick military min mind mine minute minutes miss mixed mma mod moderator modified mon month months morning move murderous muscle muscles nation ned needed net newbie nice night noob north nsw nutrients nutrition october office ole olympic organisation pad pain par part passing pay pct peeps people pepper peptides perfect performance personal perth pic picture pistachio pla place plan plates podium point poo popeye pos positive post power powerlifting pre prefer press presses pressure pretty pro problem problems products program programs proper properly protein provide pull push put question questions quick quiet rack rain rate raw read reading real reason reasons recently reckon recommend recommendations recover red regular release remedies remember reply reports reps required research rest reviews rib riding road room routine rules run running safe sale sales sapp save scared school scott secrets send serious session set sex sexy shape share shi shit sho shoes short shot shoulder shoulders show shrek side simple sin single site size skin sleep slowly soft soo sora sort source spine split sports squat squats squatting star start started starting state states stay steroids stick stiff stiffy stop straight straps street strength strength training strong stuff style suggestion sunday super supplement support supporter sus syd sydney system table tac tail takes taking talking tanks tapatalk tech technique tells ten terrible test tested tha thi thing things thinking thought thoughts thp thread threads thurs time times tin title today told ton top total train trainer trainers traini training travel trouble true uni ups url usa usual ute vegan veganism veggies vic video wanna watch watched watching water weak website wee week weeks weigh weight weightlifting weight loss weights whe where to white win woman women won wondering work worked working workout workouts works world wow wrist wro wrong yeah year years young youtube