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    i could do with some help and pointing in the right direction in how to go about losing my man boobs and tone the layer of fat around my stomach.
    is there anything i can do at home or buy to help me in this goal?
    any advice at all will be most grateful

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    Default Beginner help

    also any advice on what sort of diet i should be following


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    Default Beginner help

    The only way to accomplish this goal is cardio vascular exercise together with resistance training and a clean diet

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    Default Beginner help

    breakfast - 50g oats or 2 weetbix with skim milk, protein shake.
    Mini Meal - can of tuna and 2 slices of wholemeal bread
    Lunch - 1 chicken breast, 125g brown rice and salad
    mini meal - banana, handful of cashew/almonds, protein shake
    dinner - salmon fillet, sweet potato and veg
    before bed - ryvita and cottage cheese

    cardio, 20 min jog at 70% of max heart rate before breakfast. 30 min jog before your second mini meal , or walk the dog for an hour good exercise for both of you

    weights get some dumbells and start a full body routine with high reps to tone and loose fat.

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