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Thread: Medications affecting muscle gain?

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    Default Medications affecting muscle gain?

    Hey all, I'm not really sure of the best area of the Forum to post this but thought this was a good place to try?

    I am an Electrician and live an active lifestyle, I ride between 10-20km a week but I don't work out.

    I had a car accident about 8-10 years ago and shattered my talus into 8 pieces which took 2 years to heal due to it being such a small bone. Shattered and could not be mended with pins, screws or a plate. I have since had a sub-talur fusion which locks the rolling capability of my left ankle but reduced most of my pain. I was able to switch from 40mg of oral morphine a day to just ibuprofen and paracetamol. During recovery I lost most of my strength, particularly upper body strength. I have recently started doing basic weights with my mate on his bench and I feel as though I'm not achieving anything. To give you an idea of my strength I don't think I could do 5 push-ups in a row. I can no longer lift myself into a roof cavity off a short ladder as my arms just won't lift me up. I was lifting 25kg on the benchpress with a 5kg warm-up and was able to complete 2-3 sets of 10x reps. I did this a couple of times a week for roughly 3 months but I got no results. I didn't even get muscle tone. I didn't take any bodybuilding supplements during this short time.

    I eat quite healthy but a recent blood test has shown I'm low in Iron.

    The reason I am making this post is because after having a search around the internet I have discovered there are a few medications that can be detrimental to gaining muscle.

    Due to my car accident and mental health issues I am on a little bit of a cocktail of medications.

    I shall list them here:
    - Moclobomide (Reversible MOAI for Bi-Polar 2)
    - Lamotrigine (Mood stabiliser for Bi-Polar 2)
    - Olanzapine (Anti-psychotic for Bi-Polar 2)
    - Clonazepam (Anxyiolitic for GAD and SAD)
    - Buprenorphine (Opiate maintenance program)
    - Pregabalin (Nerve pain in my ankle)
    - Ibuprofen (NSAID for bad teeth and pain in my ankle)
    - Paracetamol (Ankle pain)

    I was hoping someone with more knowledge than me might be able to tell me if any of these medications could be stopping me from gaining strength? Even the bike riding which I understand is more cardio doesn't do anything for my leg muscles where as before my accident I was lifting all the weight on the leg press and had to switch to a lesser weight but only using one leg instead of both because I spent a lot of time riding so I know that it's not genetic, I can gain muscle.

    Do workout supplements really make that much of a difference? I feel I should have noticed some change in the 3 months but gave up because I was getting nowhere and my mate was getting huge lol.

    Any advice would really help me out and settle my mind. I am tapering off the clonazepam and buprenorphine and I only use Ibuprofen when I am in pain not daily or multiple times a day.

    I look forward to hearing back from people and I apologise if I have put this in the wrong place or I shouldn't have asked it at all. Thanks.

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    You need to do a lot of research and speak to professionals, not idiots on a forum.

    Why are you on the bupe? I didn't see it mentioned.

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    You actually have to put in a concerted, regular, progressive effort at the gym, plus a decent high protein diet, to see results.
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