Whatís the point of this post? Well like many of you the whole virus fucked everything up big time. I mean all the gyms are closed. Itís going to be 3 months until they begin the slow process of re-opening, even then, only 10-20 people allowed in at a time & how quick until they are shut down again? We donít know how long this ordeal will go on for, especially with no end in sight.

Anyways the point. I managed to get a small amount of rusty old kit that has allowed me to train half decently. This pandemic has made me realise more than anything my dream is to own my own gym. Not just any gym, a proper kitted out one. Like dorians temple gym, the type of hardcore gyms that are far & few between. Clinky clanky Ivanko plates & DBs. Cybex, Nautilus, Arsenal, EliteFTS, Hammer StrengthÖ All that good stuff. Small but proper selection. Imagine owning your own place you can access whenever no matter what the circumstances. Itís a dream. I mean looking at the future & where things are headed. Thinking about the long haul, owning a gym ain't too bad. There are not many proper hardcore gyms around. So if anyone here shares a similar vision or idea. I would love to have a chat.