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Thread: Testosterone, Training with Diabetes - Docs are clueless. TRT.

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    Default Testosterone, Training with Diabetes - Docs are clueless. TRT.

    Hey guys,

    I am new to the channel, so high to all of you that live, breathe and love training. Its a lifestyle that we all love.

    So here's my story, I have been training like a tank in the gym since age 17 - I am now 47 and still train (natty) had a few breaks here and there due to injuries. However while I was heavily trying to bulk some 15 years ago now, I got some devastating news! The news that I had T2 Diabetes - it hit me like a truck, apparently it was prevalent on both sides of my family, my parents never really talked about it and i was to consumed by work to even notice some of the symptoms, with a new family and all.

    If there is anyone else out there training or trying to train with T2 diabetes I would love to chat, we need all the help we can get from the community. Its not something I chose or we choose!!

    Any advice would be great. Especially those that have been placed on TRT and had there T levels optimized? Especially Free T - mine are:

    Testosterone - 15.2 (8-30)
    Calc Free Test - 266 (pretty shit)
    SHBG 40 (pretty sure that's too much estro)

    Keep safe all, get those home gyms pumpn

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    Jessica Buettner on insta. She's diabetic and a world champion powerlifter.


    Her arse and smile will help with the testosterone issues as well.

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