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Hobby farmer LMAO, nothing hobby about it.

LMAO, how does any of this relate to someone eating grass fed beef, farmers manage their pastures and stock, it's their job it's what they do for a living.

You don't have to know the ins and outs of OHMS law, and how electricity is produced and distributed to turn on a light switch.

You are just talking out of your arse trying to make something that people have managed to do for thousands of years sound complicated.
Mick you can’t even remember your own arguments. It applies because your claim was beef is better for the environment because grass just grows. Lol. You don’t understand the impact growing grass for cattle to eat has on the environment.

You don’t need to be an electrition to turn on a light switch but you wouldn’t tell an electrition you know all there is to know about electricity because you saw your neighbor turn on a light switch. “Electricity is easy, you just turn on a light switch and it works”