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    Default [NSW/VIC/QLD/WA/SA] Free Bodybuilding Posing Workshops

    Posing coaching with a private instructor can be expensive. These workshops are free and are held by the organisers, professional athletes and actual judges of the shows. They typically cover men's and women's divisions including bodybuilding, classic physique, physique, figure, fitness and bikini. All are welcome including non-competitors. Good for anyone curious about bodybuilding and/or how to pose correctly. The muscle control, isolation and coordination of posing are beneficial to muscular development even if you don't care for the display of your physique.
    The dates are usually a few weeks before shows held by the organisers. I will update the list as more details are confirmed.
    State Location Date Time Organiser
    NSW City Gym Sydney( 20/01/2019 12:0014:30 IFBB Elite(
    NSW TBA 10/02/2019 TBA IFBB Pro(
    NSW City Gym Sydney( 3/03/2019 12:0014:30 IFBB Elite(
    VIC Doherty's Gym Brunswick( 2/02/2019 TBA IFBB Pro(
    QLD TBA 9/02/2019 TBA IFBB Pro(
    WA Doherty's Gym Perth( 12/01/2019 12:0014:00 IFBB Pro(
    SA TBA 19/01/2019 TBA IFBB Pro(
    Presently the events are held by:
    IFBB Australia Professional League(
    IFBB Australia Elite(
    If you are aware of any other free bodybuilding posing workshops please leave a reply here and I will update the table.
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    Boddybildah poses 101:

    Front double:

    Most muscular:

    Side pose:

    Back double bi:


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