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"How do you know you had DHT levels higher than 95% of the population?"

Had other indicators of very high dht levels such as extreme alopecia from a very young age.
Fair enough.

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"You really don't know what is doing what inside your body. Most people are just playing guessing games thinking that oh yeah this must be doing that, when in fact it may be something completely different thats giving the desired results."

Sheesh man have a coffee (or protein shake ) and relax - i'm only going by what the other guy said - one of the above posts said for anabolic activity you need elevated dht levels, i knew I had extreme dht therefore made sense that, that was a predominant factor !!! Anyway why am i justifying myself ????
Fair enough. I've already had a coffee so i'm not having another coffee, but thanks for the offer.

Your justifying yourself because your answering a question When someone asks a question usually the other person will reply with an answer, this is known as a conversation.