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    Quote Originally Posted by 0ni View Post
    If its the ABC it will just be about how someone urinated while deadlifting
    "Powerlifting feds game the system to avoid drug testing and your taxpayers dollars are funding it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by onslaught View Post
    "Powerlifting feds game the system to avoid drug testing and your taxpayers dollars are funding it"
    Nailed it
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by spartacus Hidden Content
    There are no absolute world records anymore

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    Rule changes, as hinted at in the podcast mentioned a few posts back:

    i. effective immediately there will be no Approved List of apparel, i.e. any belt, suit, knee sleeves or wrist wraps that meet the general rules of Powerlifting will be accepted in competition; also women may or may not wear a t-shirt in the Deadlift and boxer shorts are acceptable as underwear if not visible under the lifter’s suit and on the ruling of the Referees there is no support or competitive advantage achieved via the garment.

    At last. No more buying gear cos the stuff you used last comp is no longer "approved" cos the manufacturer decided not to pay for the privilege of being "approved". That means that you can expand your buying choices to what suits you, not what suits a bank account.

    Also, side boob. Hmmmmm. Not just fat men doing it now.

    The the underwear thing is one of those "silly rules" that is being tossed out, and not before time. I could never figure out how my preferred trunks offered me any advantage.

    ii. effective 15th of August Masters Australia records will be kept in 5-year divisions i.e. 40 – 44, 45 – 49, 50 – 54, 55 – 59, 60 – 64, 65 – 69, 70+. The existing Australia records will be reclassified according to the lifter’s actual age at the time of record-setting (i.e. no one will lose any records) and Standards will fill any gaps. This change is to provide fairer competition for lifters as they age.

    Fair enough. Other feds have had this since forever, and I can tell you that when you are over 40, five years does make a huge difference.

    iii. effective 15th of August there will be an eighth woman’s bodyweight classed added, the 100kg class. Virtually all bodyweight sports worldwide have been required by Games and other authorities to be gender equal in categories and medals awarded (e.g. Weightlifting now has a 90kg class) and Powerlifting is no exception; also a 100kg class in Powerlifting bridges the gap between the 84kg class and the very heavy bodyweights often seen in the former 84+kg class.

    This is happening at the same time as the similar changes in the IWF.

    iv. effective 15th of August some bodyweight classes will be altered i.e. the class limits will become –
    Men 62kg/69kg/77kg/85kg/94kg/105kg/120kg/120+kg
    Women 48kg/53kg/58kg/64kg/72kg/84kg/100kg/100+kg

    Again, the expectation of Games and sports authorities is that there is full and meaningful competition in each category of a sport and in Powerlifting the very light classes have produced noticeably small fields (no pun intended). The new classes will undoubtedly produce more even competition and given more equal worth to medals. The actual changes are limited (mostly 1kg, some classes no change) and no one will lose records, the existing Australian Records will simply be rolled into the nearest new class e.g. 52kg records will be the 53kg records.

    There will be other small rule changes announced in due course, all directed to making ours a fairer, more attractive sport.


    It would be nice to get away from the compulsory hotel choice and travel agent choice that has pissed me off in the past and that, somehow, if you are a favoured lifter, did not apply to you.

    Also, I must say that the actual IPF medals for worlds have been total crap. Bad design and shitty finish. A bit of a shame considering it's worlds. And having to download your own world record sheet and get then make a photo print cheapens the achievement. A world record is just that. A unique achievement. It deserves a proper printed paper certificate with a real set of signatures.

    Looks like WP will also be keeping the stiff bar, no wraps and no monolift which will place real value on all lifts.
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