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Thread: Long Term Damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockdog79 View Post
    If your hpta is 10 seems like the testes are still working but at the low end of normal. Pay to see a specialist with full blood panels. If no luck get on trt. If your still managing to workout 6 days the low t seems manageable though.

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    Thanks a lot for you info and advice! 👍

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    Great thread.

    Kids don't do roids if you want your nuts to function.

    Can I ask one question? Was it worth it??
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    Quote Originally Posted by fordranger View Post
    Hi Guys,

    I have just signed up to this because I have an issue bothering me and no one else can help.

    2 years ago I went on a 2 x 12 week course of anabolic steroids, testosterone and trenboline. Afterwards I took Clomid for approx 2 - 3 weeks. I took a blood test before I started the course and my test levels were at 22.

    Having came off the steroids I noticed my drive was way down so I got blood tests taken again to make sure my levels were ok. The test count levels were down at 10. I explained all to the doctor and he told me to keep training, eating well and they will make their own way up. I tried taking suppliments too. Zinc, etc.

    That was 1.5 years ago and I just checked with the doctor last week and my levels have not gone up at all.

    Is this the usual? I have no drive and no morning wood, ever.

    Now I know I was stupid and nieve and all that but this is really my last hope as I have asked numerous people in the gyms and the doctors and no one can I advise what to do.

    Any help will be very much so appreciated as I have been worried about it over the last two years, its being an extra weight on my shoulders.

    Thankyou for any help/ advise.

    Sorry I forgot to mention I have just turned 30 years of age.

    Can you get hcg, if you can then do a good hcg protocol before attempting TRT. Sometimes the testicles just need a really good kick up the arse to get them moving again. You could also see an endo in the process, can't hurt.

    I got told the same thing over ten years ago and my levels never returned and i often just jumped back on the gear cause this was the only thing that made me feel normal again. I should have been diagnosed with low test in my teen years i'd say, but doctors and my family as well are complete fucken idiots, their time will come and they'll die which they deserve and this at least gives me some peace of mind.

    Your docs an idiot, how can you train if your levels are 10 and how can you eat right at that level. Thats the level of a woman and you aren't no bitch are you. Zinc won't do jack shit mate, thats like saying zma will boost your test levels, PLEASE!!

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