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Thread: nandrolone for older people, is it smart

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    Default nandrolone for older people, is it smart

    hi guys, I am a manual worker who is having joint tendon problems. I am 51
    I think the problems started when I started lifting about a year ago, strength tripled in a year and I gained around 17kg, things were going well until I started to get dodgy shoulders, they are not the main problem, that is my right elbow. The doc said it was just golfers elbow, tendon strain, but now I am feeling it going into my forarm from the top to the bottom.

    This has made me have to stop lifting for a month or so and now is starting to effect my job to a stage now where I may have to throw the job in, that was just a quick run down on my prob but the main question is about nandrolone.

    If I do the nandrolone at 200mg a week is it likely to stop the pain by your own experiences, my main fear is that it will shut me down for good hormone wise. I am 51 and still seem to be producing enough test to make the big gains that I have mentioned. I realise that there is no conclusive answer but if there are any older lifters who have dabbled with nandrolone and not had any problems coming back it would be nice to hear from you.

    I will not be using it really for size/strength gains but if that happens all the better, just want to get rid of the pain. I have had many cortisone injections that sort of worked but the last ones to the elbow and shoulder actually made the pain much worse. looking forward to your help or advice

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    I have had issues with elbow pain. It all goes back to the forearm, particularly the extensor carpi ulnaris, so not the elbow joint itself, although that's where the pain is felt.

    Solution is massage and especially stretching. There are heaps of stretching vids on da interwebs. Just use the google. They work great. Takes about a week of regular stretching to sort it out, but then you need to keep it up to avoid flare ups.

    It's a muscular problem, so nandrolone won't fix it. There are some useful vids at the bottom of this article:
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    Strengthening the muscles around a joint is always the solution, I kid you not.

    some movements will just not agree with some people and in time the body will stop you.

    Actions verify priorities

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