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    Default Frances Abbott shows off incredible body transformation at bikini model competition

    THE former PM’s daughter is carving out a career of her own, showing off her incredibly toned body as she makes her debut in the world of bodybuilding

    SHE was best known as former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s daughter — until now.
    Frances Abbott showed off her incredibly toned body on Saturday as she made her debut as a bikini fitness model at the Australian ICN Victorian State Titles in Melbourne.
    The 26-year-old wowed onlookers as she took to the stage in a black and diamante bikini, showing off the incredible results of her intense training in the lead-up to the event.

    Frances Abbott (centre) made her bodybuilding debut in Melbourne on Saturday. Picture: notanotherfitnessbloggerSource:Instagram

    Frances (centre) at the competition. Picture: notanotherfitnessbloggerSource:Instagram

    The 26-year-old (centre) shows off the results of her tough training. Picture: notanotherfitnessbloggerSource:Instagram

    Her debut in the competition comes days after she made headlines declaring her support for same-sex marriage, telling her Instagram followers “doesn’t care for politics, but I really do care for love” while wearing a VOTE YES T-shirt.
    Ms Abbott, who works as a personal trainer at Life Hub gym in the city’s southeastern suburbs, previously posted a video of herself in preparation for the fitness championships, in which she competed in the “first timer” bikini fitness model division, as well as the “sports model” category.
    This weekend’s competition was expected attract more than 700 competitors and was geared up for both novice and elite athletes hoping to walk away with an award.
    “Fitness model is in a bikini, must wear heels, have a six pack and be lean,” Australian ICN President, Tony Lanciano told earlier this week.

    Fran Abbott shares photos on her Instagram page about how she trains.Source:Instagram

    “The ‘Sports Model’ category will see the women in a two piece fitness outfit. The judges are looking for similar things, but they don’t necessarily need to have a six pack — as long as they look good.”
    Ms Abbott, who has been posting about her preparation journey to Instagram, said this week she was excited to hit the stage for the competition.

    Fran Abbott is in training to compete in a bikini modelling championship in Melbourne this weekend.Source:Instagram

    “Those weeks of training, weighing your food, staying in, posing, flexing, twisting,” she wrote next to a photo flexing in a mirror.
    “The home stretch. Stage is in sight. It ain’t gonna be easy. But is sure as hell is exciting.”
    In 2014, Ms Abbott was at the centre of a national scandal when it was revealed she was awarded a $60,000 scholarship to study at exclusive private fashion college the Whitehouse Institute of Design.

    Frances Abbott was at the centre of a national scandal in 2014, after a 21-year-old student revealed she’d received a $60,000 scholarship to study at an exclusive private fashion college.Source:News Corp Australia

    At the time, Ms Abbott was accused of being given undue favourable treatment because of her prominent status as Mr Abbott’s daughter.
    The whistleblower, Freya Newman — who pleaded guilty to accessing restricted data from the Whitehouse Institute of Design — avoided conviction or a possible two-year jail term after the magistrate found she was “motivated by a sense of injustice”

    Frances Abbott will be making her fitness model debut at the ICN championships in Melbourne.Source:Instagram

    Fran Abbbott is former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's daughter.Source:Instagram

    there was more to the article but it started going into same sex marriage so i cut it short

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