Yeah PC5 or if you like to work outside of the cage and get claustrophobic like me.
A similar option would be the HR33

The Lat/Seated Row attachments are optional, where you can always add on later.

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I think those racks are a bit of overkill personally. I mean sure they're nice and if you've got the coin then go for it, but the average guy training in his garage would be fine with a rack or half rack at 1/3 of the price.

I'd go with a high/low pulley one or at least that has the option to add it later. Yes you can get by with other exercises but it's still nice to have

I reckon something like this would be a decent bit of could add the cable crossover if you've got the space and still come in at half the cost of the "commercial" racks. Take 10% off the cost as they're a forum sponsor

I agree with Woody though, spend the money on the stuff you'll be using the most, not what's just there to hold the bar when you're not using it...but obviously don't go too cheap as you want it to save you when you fail a lift