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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Mick View Post
    Anyone seen this??

    I just came across this in a random internet add, so I ordered a free sample, you can only try one flavour so I ordered lemonade, you would think that you could try both flavours so you can decide which one you prefer.

    I imagine it would taste horrible, and I can't imagine myself buying a kilo of this stuff for the best part of 50 bucks when I can get a kilo of chicken drumsticks for $3, and they taste delicious, even pork ribs at $16/kg seem to be a bargain compared to this....
    I saw this too, i like and dislike it..........i'll stick with old school wpi which is pretty new school really isn't it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Timeah View Post
    Got a cola sample.
    Tasted like those cola lollies from back in the day.

    Wont be buying any. I have zero issues with the WPC, and its fucking awesome in my morning smoothies. Haha.

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    The protein powder industry went crazy about 2 decades or so ago didn't it. They just don't stop do they, and i can't see how you will make better gains on this stuff. Wpc and wpi are excellent and already they push the limits in terms of how quick they go in and out of your system. Many people still choose egg albumen and calcium cassenaite etc cause the new wpc and wpi's just digest too quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrek View Post
    Any feedback on this?
    Who tried it?
    Only tried the sample as mentioned earlier, taste was pretty good from memory. Anabolic effect, noted no difference.
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