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ESP is (arguably) the best S&C gym in regards to working around injuries and half the guys that train there are physios, osteos, exercise physiologists etc.
Worth giving Marty a call as he'll let you come in and look around anyway before making up your mind
Fair point, I'll give them a call before I rule it out completely. I'm an ex-ex phys myself, so I'd be interested to hear what their approach is.

At the moment I'm not overly concerned with strength, I just want to get healthy and be able to train without pain. I figure if I can do that, the strength will come by itself.

I've been training for a while and every time I get caught up focusing on strength and performance I end up getting injured and have to spend a couple of years rehabbing to get back to where I was.

My body breaks easily so I need to be careful not to push as hard as I can or as hard as I want to, and I'm the kind of guy where my lifts look easy up until I fail. Add ego into the mix and I can easily cave into peer pressure and push my body past what it can handle. That's why I'm hesitant to train exclusively at a strength gym at the moment.