This is obviously not a comprehensive list, please feel free to link additional videos you find useful and I can add them. Enjoy!

NPC Posing Seminar with IFBB Judge Sandy - Calssic Physique judging criteria
Classic Physique Posing Tutorial with IFBB judge Steve Weinberger
How to do quarter turns with Steve Weinberger
Bodybuilding Posing Tutorial with Ben Pakulski
Bodybuilding Posing Routines for Beginners
Madatory Posing Guide
Posing like a Pro with Lee Labrada
Modern Era
2016 Olympia Pre-judging Bodybuilding
Phil Heath - 2016 Olympia
Dexter Jackson - 2016 Australia Arnold Classic
Cedric McMillan - 2016 Arnold Classic
Modern Era Classic Physique
Danny Hester guest posing Ferrigno Legacy (what the hell is going on?!)
Sadik Hadzovic - 2016 Olympia Classic Physique
2000s Era
Ronnie Coleman - 2003 Olympia
Jay Cutler - 2009 Olympia
Kai Greene - 2009 Arnold Classic
Kai Greene - 2007 Keystone Classic "Michael Jackson routine"
Dexter Jackson and others - 2006 Olympia Prejudging
90s Era - Start of the Mass Monster
Dorian Yates - 1996 Olympia
Flex Wheeler - 1999 Olympia
Kevin Levrone - 1999 British Grand Prix
Shawn Ray Posing
Dexter Jackson - 1999 Olympia
Golden Era 70s + 80s
Bob Paris - 1988 Olympia
Arnold Schwarzenegger - 1975 Olympia
Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret - 1975 Olympia
Mike Mentzer Posing
Franco Columbu Posing
Link to Men's Physique Posing Reference
Men's Physique Video Posing Reference