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An Ausbb Hall of Famer ( @Brick; ) used to take Speed at Work, for important meetings he once explained.

If a completely rational and sound decision maker such as Brick would choose such as a strategy I don't know why anybody else wouldn't.

Not to mention Stimulants being highly addictive.
The speed was never the problem it was the work environ and to a large degree the result of a culture i created.

Unless you're a qc or dr you face low likelihood of turning you incomplete high school education into earnings punching around 150-200k a year. That only happens if you make sacrifices and/or take performance enhancing drugs or blower off steam using rec drugs @Grunta; is another caught in the success cycle.

If its 2.30 and this chap can lay another apartment of carpet before the foreman kicks him out at 5.00 then in all likelihood the days take will jump exponentially. Say its 300/apartment. He did 2 already if he squeezes a 3rd the days a $900 day instead of a $600 day. It also means instead of losing 2hrs on traffic fonishing this job then going cross town to setup on another site will likely make tomorrow a good earn instead of shit day

Do what you gotta do bro. The gas catches up with you though after s coupke years and no preworkout will give you the ability to grind through hard manual work when your already fucked.

Focus on making sure your home life is miserable so laying carpet is happier than home time and good old fashioned greed. These two elements should factor into all meterage rate contracting business models.

Good luck.

Seriously no gas, but employ ice head hugh school drop outs and run them half dead humping rolls and nailing smoothedge lol