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Thread: Cumulative muscle fatigue leading to muscle growth

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    Default Cumulative muscle fatigue leading to muscle growth

    100 total reps done over a series of sets with the final sets requiring maximum effort. Maximum effort leads to maximum muscle recruitment.

    How does this work?
    Performing high reps with a lighter load close to muscular exhaustion will add size to your muscles. This is made possible due to the cumulative fatigue effect that ultimately requires more effort from each consecutive set that you do, until you reach your final set with rep 100.

    Prefer strength over size?

    Easy;go for force dominant training (heavy/heavier loads), with zero emphasis on muscle failure. In other words, your focus ought to be on maximum (or near maximum) muscle recruitment and not maximum (or near maximum) muscle exhaustion.

    Max muscle recruitment with a difference:
    Have you noticed that both stages of lifting require the lifter to reach maximum or near maximum muscle recruitment? The only difference (and it’s a significant difference), is the fact that one method gets you there in the shortest amount of time possible (strength), whilst the other method achieves the same muscle recruitment over a longer time period, causing muscle exhaustion to set in due to the cumulative muscle fatigue effect.

    I've applied this method to my workouts before and it worked well. I'm reintroducing it again into my current workouts. I find this method works very well for someone like myself approaching the age of 52, where my aim is to achieve maximum muscle recruitment in the safest and most effective way possible..., maximising the stress on the muscle fibers, whilst simultaneously minimising it on my joints.
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