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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderpig003 View Post
    Okay thanks for the info what other stuff would you recommend?
    Depends on your goals. Don't be fooled. These supps companies will make all sorts of claims to get you to buy their overpriced products.

    Seriously. If you want to get bigger, hit 20% - 25% over your maintenance calories per day with protein and fat being your main source of calories. Add in a few carbs if you like but not so much that you can't eat the important stuff.

    Nothing is more anabolic than food. Yes, more so than "roids" or chemicals that imitate them, as you can't grow without the basic fuel to build and repair muscle tissue.

    You don't need some sup that sounds like a steroid to grow. You need three things. LOTS of quality food, hard training (and yes, that means a "leg day") and 8-10 hours of sleep per night.

    The only supplement I would recommend is a quality WPI protein powder to top up your protein needs if you can't face another meal. And maybe a mineral supplement. But thats all.

    Or you can just go and blow all your dough on the dodgy supps and be poorer for it 12 months down the track. If you think all those roided up models on the supps web pages actually used those product to look like that, mebbe you should send me your bank details. I'm a Nigerian prince and I can make things work for you.

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    He's looking at pro hormones here....not exactly overly strong ones but still enough to 'tamper' with his system. They're not some "no name, dodgy herbal supp" that doesn't work.

    I agree with Woody depending on how old you are and how much experience you have under your belt. If you're young and have only just started lifting, you shouldn't be looking at these kinds of things more, train hard and you will grow.

    If you've been training for 5+ years, you can still pack on a few kgs of lean mass with a 2 month Andro cycle...but do the research. Weigh up the pros and cons, possible side effects etc.
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